1. We almost always take our boys grocery shopping too. For all the same reasons you listed. They grumble about going, but I bring them along anyway. It’s important that they realize we don’t just magically make dinner. There is work and energy involved including picking up groceries. Through the circulars we talk about sales, clip coupons and decide together what to make for dinner.

    • I love it! I’m really excited to see how I can continue this as he gets older! My husband always marvels at how I’m able to shop sales and put together recipes, and it’s because I did this with my mom!

  2. Rioibosandrose

    I especially love the donation idea. I routinely avoid taking the almost 4 month old to the store because it’s sometimes too much. This gave me a different perspective. Thank you! We will try this as he gets older. I do hate how changing weather makes it harder to be outside as well.

    • It helps that my husband comes (usually). I don’t know that I’d be so brave about it solo. But I do think that part of why he’s good in stores is because we actually practice it! That was one piece of advice that I didn’t ask for and got anyway that I really appreciate. A coworker said take them places when they are little so they learn how to be in those places from the start. Easier said than done, for sure! But at least the grocery store isn’t too embarrassing if he does have a meltdown. Restaurants? OOF.

  3. Jo Anne

    Talk about great learning moments at the grocery store! When we were super little and the original Nintendo grey box was a thing we used to (always) ask for new games for it. My mom used it as a teaching moment in that we could have milk for a month… or a new game, but not both. TBH the milk always won out lol. She also got me to stash away money like a squirrel before winter when I saw an older lady just loading up on cat food. tiny me was like “wow she must have alot of cats!!!”, my mom replied that she might not have saved any money for when she was older and have to eat cat food as she could not afford real food. She does not remember this at all but it completely stuck with me!

    I too like going to the grocery store. Sometimes the apples/bananas etc just look sad and its a pass so you can look at something else which you cant do if you are just shopping online. Plus some days I don’t know what I want to eat/make that week and inspiration strikes.

  4. Hannah

    I take all 3 kids grocery shopping with me when Rob has to work on the weekends, and I somewhat enjoy it (provided there are no meltdowns). At age 6, Kenny is finally starting to understand some real financial concepts. He figured out that if we didn’t buy formula, we could buy four cartons of ice cream… so, now we have to work on “family optimization” problems rather than personal decisions. But at least he gets the trade offs. So long as the kids are rested, fed and watered before shopping, they *usually* behave well.

  5. I always took all of my kids grocery shopping with me when they were younger just because it made the most sense to knock out the shopping during the day, while my husband was at work.

    And since we homeschool, they all were with me all the time.

    So, until my oldest turned 13 and could legally mind his younger siblings (those are the rules in my state), the five of us went to the grocery store every week.

    I think I was more focused on surviving the trips than I was on teaching lessons at the time, but hopefully they picked up some good shopping habits just by watching me.

  6. Julia

    I just returned from our weekly trek to Aldi with my 4yr, 2yr, and 10m old. Like someone else commented, as long as they are not too tired or hungry they usually do pretty well and actually, I think they would really miss it if we used a delivery service. The employees recognize them and talk to them (one even let my son honk the horn on the forklift! His day was made). I think it is helpful for them to see me doing regular life things and hope they learn the lessons you’re talking about.

  7. So smart!

    I have started taking Spud to the supermarket with me and he enjoys all the sights and the people around him. Great reminder that it can be a learning experience too as he gets older.

  8. We take TwC to the grocery stores every week as well and he really loves going especially when we go to Costco and Trader Joe’s since they have samples in both stores. He would spot where it is and drag us there to eat whatever food they are sampling.
    He also tries to grab even items from shelves which could be kind of cool but bad at same time because it can spill or break at some point.
    I also show him at the register that we have to pay for the stuff in the cart but he doesn’t have a full grasp of it since I pay with my credit card all the time…maybe paying in cash might make more sense for him.

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