1. I’m trying to hit my $1,500 maximum on Q1 Chase Freedom 5% categories: drugstores, tolls, gasoline. Silly me, I was using up old gas station gift cards the first 2 months before realizing I could get 5% back from Chase. I’ll probably wind up buying more gas station gift cards from a drugstore to max out the $75 cash back. I also bought a $250 Lowe’s gift card from CVS before walking into Lowe’s and buying my new shower head to finish off my bathroom project!

  2. Thanks Penny, for the timely article! It’s our first round with the It, so we’re on the double rewards this year. Definitely working to max out without overspending – we’ll get some Home Depot and grocery cards as well.

  3. I am so torn between gaming credit card rewards (eventually travel hacking) and going with a more minimalist approach. For now, we have a few cards (inlcuding It) with some decent rewards, but I feel like it sometimes just helps me justify spending more. I think in the end, once I pay off the CC debt, we will have to really think how/if we want them in our lives.

  4. No interesting bonuses for me this time around except 5% on gas with my Chase Freedom card. But the last time I filled up was at a grocery store, so it wouldn’t have counted. Ah well. I’ll need to fill up again in another couple of weeks or so, and I’ll be sure to use the Freedom card then.

  5. I just applied for and met the minimum spend on an Alaska card by combining my necessary business and insurance costs on to a single card. I probably won’t do another card for a while since I’m deploying money into bank bonuses right now and that takes enough attention but when I do, I have a breakdown of expenses intended for the credit card as well. If I’m organized when I start, I’m much more likely to get it right the first time around!

  6. What a timely post! We just signed up for our first credit card ever last December through our bank just for this very reason. 5% cash back for a year on gas and groceries, 1% back on everything else. Just redeemed $116 today after 3 months. So far so good. We will see if we switch over to another card and keep the rewards rolling!

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