1. We just picked up a play stove from some neighbors through Next Door yesterday. That is a great app to have and finding out how generous the neighbors are. Before BwC was born, we would get the majority of his hand me downs, toys, a stroller and even cloth diapers from Next Door. We still buy clothes and toys for him from time to time but getting resources for him through Next Door helped us save a lot of money.

  2. My only caveat to this great advice is ‘do your research’. Some older toys have lead paint (older Thomas the Tank engine, included), which is definitely something you want to keep away from your kids!

  3. Hannah

    These tips can actually also apply as HP starts to attend birthday parties (Sooo many birthday parties). The key to doing it is to start an ethos of used gifts among your friend set.

    It may get to be more difficult as kids get older, but I’ve found that calling to ask if So-and-so would like a used toy has actually been really productive. Friends actually prefer used (as long as the toy isn’t junk), and kids just like all toys. We’ve probably only spent around $50 on kids birthday presents even though Kenny has attended a dozen over the last year or so.

    • That is a great idea, Hannah! I hope we can actually make this a thing. For his first birthday, one of my husband’s friends brought us a few gifts and a walked that his son didn’t need anymore. We made sure to gush over the walker! They kept saying that it wasn’t an actual gift, and we kept saying that gifts don’t have to be new!

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