1. We have the best luck with curb finds! Last week we also saw a play kitchen. Since we walk everywhere, we had to balance it on top of the stroller and force our 3 year old to walk a mile home. It was totally worth it. And we were able to replace our previous toy kitchen (curb find circa 2009) with a nice wooden one!

    I love your parenting stories more than all your other posts!

    • This is fan-freaking-tastic! Once, my husband and I carried a dining room table around our entire block. It was so heavy, and it didn’t really come apart (our cars are small anyway!). It was hilarious and embarrassing and so worth it!

  2. RooibosandRose

    I am the curb queen. My husband has finally seen my ways and we’ve scored some great finds. Aside from being frugal it’s also about reusing and recycling. Why not 2 for 1 for our wallets and the environment? On baby stuff we bought the crib, stroller and car seat brand new cos folks everywhere are saying not to buy used. We are grateful for family and baby showers but plan on hitting up garage sales and goodwill for the rest. (Found a fancy high chair for $30!). I hope the lack of time and sleep doesn’t make me Amazon click happy but I love these stories about curb toys because it makes total sense. We’ve used baby shower gift cash and proceeds from yard sales and checking old coats and change jars to fund baby’s first $2762 529 contribution before he makes his debut.

    • Sounds like Baby is off to an awesome start!

      I absolutely agree with you. I have to resist the urge to TAKE ALL THE THINGS because it just seems so wasteful. I’ve posted a few FYIs about Freecycle on our Next Door app. That seems to be helping!

  3. I love it! It does get awkward at times, especially now that my 4yO loves to tell guests which of his toys “mommy found in someone’s garbage for me!” ?. I’ve learned to embrace it, mostly because I have trouble resisting any good curb side find! These kid’s toys brand new cost a fortune so why wouldn’t we grab ’em and avoid them going to the landfills (or most likely in another mom/dad’s car lol).
    Thanks for sharing and making me feel more normal ?, honestly for me 80% of this parenting stuff is learning to be awkward lol!

    • Oh my gosh, I am dying. I can’t wait until all the cringe-worthy things come out of HP’s mouths. And parenting really is about leaning into the awkwardness, isn’t it?

  4. Maybe it’s the second kid, or that most of my students are in their late teens/early 20s, but I just calmly explained to students the potties I brought to work to hand me down to colleagues and had to keep with me until they got in. At some point excrement just isn’t embarrassing anymore.

    • That’s so cool! I suspect it is an age thing. I can’t even say the word duty in my classroom without the guffaws starting. Oh, 7th grade. 😀

  5. Sorry, no awkward toddler stories here.

    But I recently found four nice chairs on the side of the road (hooray for dump day!) and had to make four separate trips to get them home because only one at a time would fit in my Civic. But I got them (and the table my ex-tenants gave me) all painted up and looking fab (if I do say so myself).

    I did keep furtively looking around to see if the neighbors would notice my taking their garbage. Thankfully, no one was home I guess. Hooray for finishing work in the middle of the day (and, again, dump day)!

  6. We decided to wait to start potty training until this fall when our little guy is just over 2 and number 2 is a couple months old. There is a certain convenience in saying “just go in your diaper I’ll get it in a second” esp when I’ll be nursing a newborn 24-7. However, we decided to put out our hand me down potty when little guy looked at me in the library and said “Momma, I got biiiiiiiiig turd!” ?
    I blame his father. Good luck with the potty training.

  7. LOL at trying to hide the stuff from your neighbor. I haven’t found anything worth picking up on the side of the street in our neighborhood except when someone told us about a stroller. It kind of looked like a jogging stroller, but since it had rained a lot, I decided to pass on it. However, I did pick up a kiddie table with 4 stools. Looked up the price online and it was definitely a score!

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