1. Awww daaamn, hahaha. These are some good ones. 🙂 I think my latest frugal fail was trying to make whey powder at home. I tried to reduce whey and then dehydrate it.

    Yeah, it turned into a weird, burnt caramel thing.


  2. That is too funny!! There are a million ways to spend money with a baby. At first I was thinking cloth diapers but the laundry that it would produce would have made the cost savings and environmental help of cloth diapers negated.

    I already do baby clothes 2-3 times per week due to the amount of clothes I have so I find I either save money on laundry by buying more clothes or save money on clothes by doing more laundry. Basically you can’t win.

  3. Every so often in my development, we’re required to get the dryer vent cleaned and submit proof, which is important in preventing fires. I was caught in a moment of weakness when one company called me with a sounded-too-good-to-be-true price for cleaning all the vents in my home. Sure enough 5 minutes after they arrived they insisted there was mold in the furnace vent which they’d be happy to take care of for a not-so-small fortune. I know from my online research that this is usually a scam, so I told them just to do the cleaning when I probably should have sent them away. They did go to all the vents in the house with their machines and showed me there was a clog in the dryer vent (which I believe), but I have no idea if they really took care of the problem. I may end up having another company come check it out just to be sure.

    Good luck with the diapers and the crib set.

  4. Yes! Babies can come with so many gadgets. For example, Mr. FAF took our baby to an outdoor show. His friend offered a ride. We had to install the car seat in his car and take a stroller for Baby FAF. One tiny baby and two bulky items!

  5. We were lucky to get crib, high chair, and assorted other hand-me-downs from my parents…aka the Baptist grandparent network. And we just kept using pampers, because that’s what they gave us at the hospital and they seemed to work just fine. And we spent so much money on premixed formula…it was ridiculous, but so much easier for us than powder. Do I second guess that decision? Heck no. When we were barely conscious, it was a lifesaver.

    Where we skimped and shouldn’t have was the swing. I wanted to get one under $100, and did. But it didn’t have the motorized mobile that kept her entranced at the grandparent’s house, and she would barely tolerate the one at home.

  6. Kel

    Besides cloth diapering, none of the organic brands we used compared to Kirkland Costco diapers (comparable to Huggies) or Huggies. They just didn’t seem to absorb as much.

    My in laws bought our oldest child’s entire nursery and at age 8 he is still using it. It was from Babies R Us so nothing crazy, but solid wood. It has some scratches but the conversion to a full bed worked for us (now we need bunks lol as he is the oldest of 5!)

    We try to use coupons and Amazon prime and save where we can, but sometimes you get what you pay for. For furniture and shoes we tend to spend a bit more and just buy less often….I would rather have a good pricey pair of shoes for a much longer time than 4 cheap pairs, but that’s just me! And it’s less stuff to take care of 🙂

  7. I have so many similar woes of instances where I tried to save money and failed. Too funny.

    For what it’s worth (sorry, this is definitely unsolicited baby advice), I thought it was definitely worth it to get a new (to us) crib. I also was trying to get my old one from my parents, but newer ones are designed with safety features (like certain slat/spindle widths, etc. not to mention no drop sides) that aren’t on the older models. We are using my old crib mattress with Bean, though.

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