1. I die if I don’t eat breakfast =) I usually eat a banana and some almonds. Today, I ate a banana, some almonds, and some raisins. The almonds are the expensive part! It’s definitely a splurge.

    • Mmm…raisins. I can’t eat them out of the tub, otherwise they magically disappear in a single sitting. I with you on breakfast. My husband can take it or leave it, but I can’t function without breakfast.

  2. I’m hypoglycemic — although it’s better now that I avoid (most) sugary foods — so I need to eat as soon as I notice I’m hungry. Lately, that hasn’t been immediately upon waking up, which is new.

    Unfortunately, I can’t do oatmeal. I *want* to do oatmeal. But there’s something about the texture that my stomach can’t handle. A few bites in, and I hear a deep, intestinal “Noooop!”

    So my breakfast of choice is peanut butter toast. Which ranks at or below oatmeal on the boring-meter. But it’s protein, so my blood sugar doesn’t dip.

    • This actually makes perfect sense to me. There are certain things that have every reason to appeal to me, but I just can’t stomach. Cottage cheese, for instance. I just can’t. Peanut butter toast is delicious! I will sometimes make that if I’m home for breakfast and am needing to use up bread before it gets funky.

  3. Hey, if it works for you, there’s nothing wrong with eating oatmeal for breakfast all the time! And 22 cents per meal is awesome. I went through a period where I enjoyed having smoothies every morning, but getting that much fruit can be expensive.

    • Smoothies are wonderful. If I were home and/or weren’t on total autopilot in the AMs, I think I’d consider going that route. As it stands, I am almost too impatient to wait for my Keurig to heat water before my mad dash out the door. Typically, I’ll whip up a smoothie after a long workout. It’s how I bribe myself!

  4. I love porridge/ oatmeal for breakfast especially in the winter. One of my favourite things to do it to put it in the slow cooker before I go to bed and then we have it ready in the morning with hardly any effort. It is such a super cheap and easy option and we usually buy the oats in bulk to cut the costs even more.

    • Overnight oats! If I could get Mr. P on the oatmeal train, I’d totally start testing out some of the great Pinterest recipes I’ve found for them. Do you have a favorite flavor or add-ins that you love?

  5. I do this too! Mine is oatmeal, cinnamon, a spoon of crushed nuts, and a chopped apple, cover with water, then in the microwave for 3 minutes. If I’m in a hurry, I scoop it into a travel mug and eat it with a long spoon once I get to work.

    It’s weird to not get bored with the same breakfast every day, but somehow I’m fine with it and it helps prevent decision fatigue.

    • For sure! And I pretty much eat the same few meals for lunch and dinner, too. I am finally finding what works for me to keep me full and feeling good. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it?! 🙂

  6. I’ll get really light-headed if I skip breakfast. But I guess our body adjusts. I think oatmeal is inexpensive but super nutritious. It can be delicious if you put in the right ingredients. It usually prepare it the night before. Your breakfast sounds so yummy btw!

  7. Big fan of oatmeal! Cheap, whole grain, fiber, endlessly adaptable blank canvas, what’s not to love? I’ve add raisins, maple syrup, pecans, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, mix it with chai tea instead of water, coconut or almond milk, chopped apples, dates, prunes, basically any fresh/dried/frozen fruit… there is no wrong way to do oatmeal really, except to not do it.

  8. Here’s my question about oatmeal: I have tried eating it for breakfast and get hungry approx. 30 minutes later. Does your body just adjust? It really doesn’t fill me up at all!

    • That’s why I add flaxseed! I swear it helps. And maybe it’s because I’m coming from cereal when I was younger, but I think oatmeal is a lot more filling. You could also add some banana 🙂

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