1. Kathryn

    We just took our littles to a hot air balloon festival. It cost $5 each for my husband and me, kids 8 and under we’re free. We paid for my husband and 3 year old to ride a train, $3 each so $6 and he also asked for a snowball later. It’s still hot in the South so we agreed, $4. So $20 for an event that they had never been too but exposing them to the beautiful balloons and the balloon glow at sunset made it worth it. Next year our 3 year old wants a ride in one!!

    • I’ve been in a hot air balloon once. It was such an exciting experience. I also had no idea how hot it would be. It seems super obvious in hindsight, but we were in Scottsdale, and I was sweltering in the balloon even though it was a sunrise trip!

  2. Hannah

    We dropped $40 at the orchard last weekend. Normally, my parents treat us for this kind of trip, but we managed to arrive ahead of them, so we bought tickets for a wagon ride, and donuts, cider and coffee for the whole crew. Then we bought more apples, more donuts, and more cider to go. Well worth it. We hope to go again for pumpkin picking soon, even though we can buy pumpkins for $2 each at a local hardware store.

    • I hope there’s pumpkin picking in your future, Hannah!

      I also love how fall is still a chance to explore the outdoors as a family without fighting 87 layers of clothing 😀

    • The place we went is anything but fancy! But there are a few in the Chicago burbs that are. Since we’ve been picking apples here for almost two decades, it’s been fun to see it grow…but it’s also still very much a local secret.

  3. There’s some things in life you just can’t put a price tag on. For your family, this seems like it’s definitely one of them! Apples and donuts are two of my all time favorite things. To get them all in one place, freshly made/picked? It really is a dream!

    PS What is this apple poke cake you speak of?!

  4. We started going strawberry picking last year and we love it. The price is relatively the same if not a bit higher if we buy them at the produce store. But it’s about the experience and how much fun TwC loves doing it. We’re going to expand the next few years and do some cherry and apple picking. A great activity to do with family.

    • I am so thrilled you and your family get to do this. The same place we pick apples also does strawberry picking in June. It’s a blast (and a mess!).

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