1. Earlier this year I found myself caught in a pretty interesting impulse purchasing web thanks to daily Kickstarter emails I was receiving as an ‘early-bird’ supporter. They often had me hook, line and sinker with just one email! It’s almost impressive how good they were at marketing ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ products to me. After buying three products impulsively (two of which I still have yet to receive because of the Kickstarter model), I finally mustered up the courage to unsubscribe from the list. I only realized a couple of weeks ago how much more headspace I have now that I’m not subscribed to that ONE EMAIL. It honestly blows my mind. And, needless to say, my wallet is much happier now.

  2. Aww, that sounds like a fantastic day not only for you, but for your whole family.

    And I am jealous of your library system! Ours has never had such cool programs. And notably, no conveyor belt either.

    I think maybe we need to move.

  3. Your library is definitely cooler than the ones in Phoenix.

    I think I’m pretty good about impulse purchases, but then again I mainly only go to shop if I need something specific. And then I tend to make a beeline for the item in question (either online or in-store) and ignore most everything else. So I think that’s what keeps me from impulse buys. I do impulse buy takeout sometimes, though I allow myself one takeout a week so it’s not exactly impulse purchasing I guess?

    I do find makeup sites dangerous though. I went to look at the cost of replacing my primer (and nearly fainted when I found out it was $32 — I got it on sale last year) and ended up looking longingly at sale items. I had to shake myself out of it and tell myself I don’t need any more pretty colors. My makeup case is already plenty full.

    As for experiences, they can definitely be better than things, but I find I lean more toward the latter than the former. Maybe it’s the chronic fatigue? (Though I don’t buy that many “things” either.)

    Still, I go out to trivia with friends and spend on meals that way, so I guess you could count that as experience spending.

    • We are super lucky to have an awesome library! Tax dollars hard at work 😉

      I think your definition of spending on experiences (trivia night!) totally aligns with mine. When I typically here that trope, it seems like an Instagram sales pitch almost. If we give into every experience, who has the time and the money?!

  4. I have to admit that sometimes it’s really hard to resist the sales emails. I probably should just unsubscribe. It would save me from serious temptation since we rarely go to the mall.

    This sounds like a great day for HP. He must have slept well that night!

  5. mel

    I definitely spend time adding things to a shopping basket on line.. creating imaginary outfits and buying gifts for people.. then simply shut the page without buying a thing! so satisfying…

    I have unsubscribed from all emails from clothes retailers etc and unfollowed them all on instagram. This has really helped me not to feel like I must buy the “new thing” all the time.

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