1. Appropriate start to the day, given that I’m all groggy and running late from the darned time change. My personal favorite time saver is buying in bulk. We almost never have to worry about running out of non perishable items, because we have a lot of them in the house. It cuts down on mid week urgent stock ups and lets us look for deals instead.

  2. I love your list, and tend to do a lot of them as well. I’m very anti-Facebook, and don’t mind eating the same things each day.

    Thanks for the introduction to Google Keep, as I use everything else google it seems a good idea.

  3. I do pretty much everything on this list! So, it’s like you read my mind. I’ve also started to simplify my morning routine (i.e. minimal hair and makeup) and it’s given me 20 extra minutes in the morning. Which is basically magic. Last summer I wrote about my week of frugal eating when Mr. TA was out of town, and the take away was basically that eating the same thing every day was a gold mine of awesome. People FREAKED out. I got so many comments like “that feels so soulless”, “gosh, that must be boring”. Those responses were so weird to me, because I’ve literally always eaten like that. I know what I like, it makes cooking and grocery shopping easy. Why reinvent the wheel? Thanks for the Monday morning pick me up, Penny!

  4. Good stuff, Penny. I like the part about eating the same thing. I totally do that. Also, my work wardrobe is fairly simple. I wear the same basic thing just about every day. Makes for easier choices.

  5. Is it bad that I didn’t even notice a difference with the daylight savings switch?

    I agree with all of these (and have a full article on avoiding multitasking scheduled). I have started spending too much time on Twitter again. It is one of the lowest-focus things I can spend my time doing and it has become automatic when I am sitting around or procrastinating while tired. I don’t want to cut it out entirely, but I do need to cut back.

  6. They say time is money, so if you can save yourself both time and money you are doing something right!

    This is a great list of advice. I have debated deleting social media for a while now, and I think that I’ve found that I can simply avoid it when necessary if I keep myself busy doing more important things. While I still find myself on social media from time to time, it is typically to promote my blog or to network with others, so it’s a productive use of my time. No more scrolling for hours on end…

    My favorite way to save time, however, is to run errands on my lunch break at work. This gives me a set deadline to get errands complete and frees up my time before and after work, especially on the weekends, for more productive uses.

  7. You’ve got your ish figured out! $200/mo for food… I’ve a lot to learn from you. 🙂 I definitely take social media breaks, it’s so easy to get sucked right down the rabbit hole.

    My favorite trick right now is to set an alarm. We need the house cleaned and don’t want to do it. Ok, for the next 20 minutes we pick up and organize as fast as possible, go!

  8. I don’t always get my outfit for the next day picked out the night before, but when I do my morning is so much more pleasant! I’ve found building in routine helps me save time.
    My rule for being frugal, if I start ripping my hair out and getting stressed, I stop trying to save the extra few dollars. Normally, I save all the dollars since I decide to not buy the thing at all!

  9. I love eating the same thing. Well, most of the time. Worrying about what to eat stresses me out. So I have protein bars and peanut butter during the day (yes, I know how weird that sounds) and a frozen meal at night and then some chocolate. If I want something else for dinner — and I’m not trying to adhere to my diet too strictly — then I get it. But I don’t have to fret about what I want from the huge set of options out there. Especially since they’re out *there* where I have to get properly dressed and go get them. Ugh.

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