1. Heck yes. Just this morning. I want to start a better morning routine, and yet, I am very comfortable with my coffee + blog reading time. I was going to start an exercise plan, and here I am reading blogs again. BUT, I do get a LOT out of reading blogs. Would I get a lot out of exercising? Yes. But maybe starting it during my blog time isn’t quite right…

    • I definitely think that’s part of it, too. Finding the right time in your day is important. But for me, I have to at least start trying. Otherwise, I never start.

  2. There’s so much truth to this. I’m a master procrastinator but when I actually get started with a project I can get a lot accomplished. Thanks for the reminder that anytime is a good time to start!

  3. Despite what I put in my FinCon recap post, my #1 takeaway was I need to stop being lazy. That’s true for the blog, for my diet & exercise, for work, and for friendships.
    Champagne & Capital Gains has me convinced to bring FinCon Josh back to Regular Life Josh, and I’m excited to see how much life improves by giving a damn and taking steps forward every day. Even baby steps count!

  4. Oh penny. You always know just what post I need!
    I wrote down a ton of goals in my planner this morning. Ok, well two big ones, but they seem like a million.
    I’m the worst with setting a goal, and then ONE SLIP UP derails everything. 🙁 trying to fix that!

  5. It’s easy enough for me to put things off — especially exercise and being on a diet — so I have to make my schedule flexibly rigid. Which is to say that I need to start my workout some time between 11 and 1. If I don’t, it doesn’t get done, so it forces me to stick to a relatively rigid (but still a bit flexible) schedule. And I need to only take one free day each week to eat whatever I want (within reason). Once that’s done for the week, I have to get back on the straight and narrow. This means that even if I have a bad eating day, it’s fine to start again the next day rather than waiting til the beginning of a new week.

    And as for getting things done, I just aim to knock 1-2 tasks off my list each day. Doesn’t matter which ones because the system means I’ll get around to the things that matter within a few days. It keeps me from procrastinating (for too long).

  6. I love the idea of quarterly goals! I usually make goals (or resolutions) in the new year, and they are long gone by April. Okay, February 😉 So why not start over in the 4th quarter? There are plenty of football games won with just minutes to spare. I’m going to take a good, hard look at the things I wanted to accomplish this year, and get down to the task of working on them. If I complete them, great! If not, at least I am one step closer. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  7. Apologize in advance for the morbid tidbit…This post has inspired me. I wanted a medical giving fund for my mom’s final years with residual going to charities after she is done. Dragged my feet for years but I am opening a brokerage account today. Thanks for the I aspiration Penny

    • You’re welcome. And it’s morbid but it’s also not, you know?

      I haven’t talked about this at all because I’m not really ready to yet, but I lost a coworker very unexpectedly. So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I would want my (very small) legacy to be for my students and my school if something were to happen. Morbid but important.

      Happy I could help!

    • Know thyself, right? 🙂

      I’m starting to really know me. And for someone who gets such a rush from accomplishing tasks well before deadlines, I am very bad at getting started on personal work.

  8. I can relate to this so much!! I recently had an idea for the podcast that I absolutely loved. But, for some reason, I just couldn’t commit to actually putting it on paper. ‘oh, I’ll do it tomorrow and etc”. Well yesterday, I finally got around to doing a honest to goodness brainstorming session and out everything down on paper. It was literally only a page long, but I felt like I’d conquered the world!

  9. Karen

    Okay, so I’m shutting off the laptop and going to do my morning stretch!!

    Also, you can retrain yourself to sleep somewhat better. Lots of info on how to do this, it’s kind of important but not to be a downer, sleep is never 100% back to your old days once you have a kid, sorry but true?
    Now off to stretch!!!

  10. Oh man, I can relate to this!! My son is now 2.5 years old and sleeps well at night but for me, I’ve been only getting 4-6 hours a night because he wakes me up in the middle of the night!! Sometimes I half jokingly tell friends and family that I haven’t slept since he was born. On those rare occasions I get 7-8 hours, I feel so relieved that I got that much.
    I’ve been pushing off mediation as well. I always tell myself that I will do at thirty minutes of it a night but I end up doing something else like browse on my phone to watch youtube videos. I think your post is telling me I need to start like….now!!! Thanks for this Penny!

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