• A few months back, we were out-of-town-guests at a party and didn’t have a card to go with our gift. I had to run in a grocery store and almost cried when I saw the prices. Seems so silly when they just get recycled.

    • Isn’t it? Especially when my nephews were born, I started to realize what gift wrap actually is: a barrier that gets in the way. I’m all about reusing their gift bags, too. Mr. P has received the same birthday bag for three years running now! Not sure he’s noticed…or cares 😉

  1. Cheryl

    I also use the comic pages for wrappign paper when giving a “wrapped” gift! I do peruse the Dollar Tree for cards, toiletries and other items – I don’t always walk out with soemthing, but when I do I know I saved more than a buck 🙂

  2. Definitely! Cards, gift wrap, and toothpaste! I also pick up some neat things for science projects with kids at school. Since our budgets are so high (OK – they are NON-EXISTENT) – the Dollar Tree is a life saver for teachers!

  3. Girl, you know we are on the same page! Dollar tree is the bomb. I’ve gotten most of my Christmas fpgifts there for my cousins – mani pedi stuff. We get cereal there and Brownberry bread that $4 in the regular store!! I can’t gush enough!!

  4. I get the following items:
    1) Makeup
    2) The dog’s Benadryl
    3) Aspirin
    4) Batteries
    4) And the most important the candy we take to the movie theater (our Dollar Tree is right next door to our movie theater)

    • This is a fantastic list! I’m always surprised by the amount of store brand cosmetics I see there. I find a lot of Physician’s Formula!

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