1. The shoe photos have me laughing, only because it’s done and over with. I can only imagine how awkward that must have been once you got the third request! I would totally get on board with this, if I had anything nice worth selling. I don’t believe anyone would want my old stuff.

      • Noted. While unpacking everything in the apartment, I did find some really nice business clothes that I haven’t worn since joining the AF, and I do think they might sell. Will definitely be looking into this after I settle in.

    • Audrey

      This Really helpful. A lot of the subjects I’ve experienced and now get it. One thing that really answered what I was thinking was about real buyers click purchase. I also had a couple customer asked me all kind of questions asked for measurements and after all the back and forth they said they’ll think about it. I had a in particular from last week till this week several times had bundled items asked questions I’ve put offers and they wait 24 hours when is done to say they want to switch items from their bundle. I put another offer and no response for 24 hours just to say they want to switch more items. I felt I should just not bother any more no more answering questions not given them offers cause I thought they are playing. But I was worried to loose a sale. Now I know I wasn’t wrong thinking they Re never gonna buy. Thanks for the info.

  2. I would try this with a pair of black heels I wore once to a wedding but I’m not sure how much demand there is for the Naturalizer brand! You must have some wardrobe! I’ve got a walk-in closet that’s half empty.

    Reading your comments about the volume of questions you sometimes receive, and the low ball offers, made me immediately equate it with selling a house.
    More questions = no offer.
    Low ball offer = potential buyer stepping on my every last nerve! Realtor will have to intervene if we’re going to play nice.

    • Naturalizer would sell well! I even sell my Target shoes. I had foot surgery a while back and had (gulp…) way over 100 pairs of shoes. To be fair, I haven’t grown since freshman year of high school, so I have things that are almost 15 years old, too! Regardless, I had–and still have–WAY too much stuff!

    • Kelly

      I have to disagree with the “real buyers” not asking questions. I tend to ask questions when I’m very serious about a product because I’m very petite and I need measurements. And I always appreciate when sellers provide them for me. If it’ll fit, I’ll buy, if it doesn’t I thank them for their customer service and wish them luck in selling that item. Poshmark doesn’t allow returns for fit, im not going to spend a hundred dollars on something that won’t fit me.

    • It is! I’ve had a lot of luck selling in just a few short months. It definitely picked up for me once I started getting 5-star ratings as a seller. I’ve also seen some amazing deals – but I’m trying not to buy anything 😉

    • It doesn’t even need to be high end! In fact, I actually use Tradesy more for designer items. People seem to expect and accept higher value on that site. LOFT items sell really well…but so do my Merona and Mossimo items from Target!

    • There are so many good finds. I think people are really willing to negotiate for the most part. I haven’t purchased anything yet. I really am trying to declutter. But it’s so tempting!

    • You do include an address. I’m sure you could use a PO Box or something else in case the item comes back to you. If you’re nervous about that, I’d suggest Tradesy. The buyer deals directly with them for any issues so Tradesy is actually the return info 🙂

      • Kat

        Thank you for the info about Tradesy! I’ve been selling on Poshmark but wanting to find another platform that supports the sellers better. I do realize that when it comes to dispute, Poshmark sides with the buyers more, kind of disappointing.

        • Tradesy shipping rates are much higher than Poshmark, and they continually flip between listing it as an additional cost to buyers or embedding it in the price. But I do have luck with designer items!

  3. SpookyheartsG

    posh is a great app but u must share to make sales unless u been there the first 1-3 years and have tons of followers who help u a lot and do lots of the sharing for u we have been on there 15 months and over 300 sales 4.9 amazing fast shipping and we do like it a lot but the first year was end of oct 2015 it was great xmas came and i was 2 months in and packaging 13 items a weekend al holiday long wow but this year, it was different if i can make 5 items sales or sell 5 listings a week thats a good week for me now theres kids and mens, and more peope tons of sellers and not enough buyers to go around a lot of people sell and buy some just buy some just sell the longest iv gone is 3-4 days not 1 sale ! thank you and happy 2017 @spookyheartsG

    • I agree! It can be hit or miss. I try to “share” when I’m in line at the grocery store or things like that. I figure it’s not any extra time that I would be spending. Between Poshmark and Tradesy and a local consignment shop, I made just under $1500 last year selling clutter from my closet. I was pretty pleased with that! 🙂

    • Monet

      Hi I am really finding this to be the case… you hit the nail on the head. Tons of ppl not enough buyers to go around and ppl are lowering prices just to get the sales they once had. Then put the added shipping increase and it’s down to a drip drip.drip….. what’s the next step???

      • It’s really frustrating. I agree. I’ve also noticed that likes have less and less to do with sales. I’ve had some really great luck with Tradesy for pricier items. I don’t think it’s quite so watered down yet.

  4. Amy (closet kwalden01)

    Great post! I enjoyed it. I’ve been a posher for a couple years now and have been able to leave behind my “career” outside of the home to do Poshmark full time. It’s been so much fun using a hobby I love as an income. It’s a shaky income, not predictable but so far… so good. I do want to say, about the question-askers I believe there’s some truth to the ones who ask a zillion questions not being serious buyers. But then there are people like me. I reward myself with one purchase a week on Posh. I am quite a serious buyer. And my rule is that I ALWAYS ask a question. Even if I don’t need to ask a question, I do it anyway. This is my test to make sure the seller is active, responsive and still has the item. I’ll have to keep doing this until Posh starts deleting inactive users and sellers stop canceling sales because “oh I didn’t realize it was still listed it, I no longer have that sweater”. Lol.

    • That’s a fantastic strategy to test the status of sellers. How amazing that you are able to do this as a career. I must admit that I’ve gotten a bit lax with posting things lately, but now that we have a baby on the way, I’ve got to get to selling again. Poor kiddo should probably have the closet back in his or her bedroom. Ha!

    • Alicia

      I just started listing items on Posh and was wondering if I would have any luck. Instantly I got a ton of followers but so far no buys. I was also curious about active sellers. How do you know besides asking at least one question about the item? Do you filter your search based on recently added items? I noticed many comments on items but no response from the seller. If you click buy now do you get charged before the item ships? I am a little worried about ordering since my question hasn’t been answered or acknowledged but I found two items I really am interested in. Maybe I should just concentrate on continuing on cleaning out first. I am working towards my first round of Project333!

      • Best of luck with Project333! While I don’t buy much from Posh, I will say that they absolutely protect their buyers (probably much more than their sellers). If the seller doesn’t confirm and ship within two days, the order is refunded. And if you use a credit card, you can always get your bank involved to put a hold on the transaction or file a dispute if necessary. Since Posh was opened up to men’s and children’s clothes, I think the market has really been flooded (even more than before). I still use it, but I’d be lying if I said I made the same amount of sales. The plus side is, I have way less stuff now to sell. Maybe my most desirable items are already gone? Keep me posted on your progress. I’d love to connect more!

  5. Amy (closet kwalden01)

    Oh! I meant to comment too on your “sentimental” thing. I was cracking up because I’m right there with ya! You should have seen me when I finally talked myself into listing my vintage members only jacket in pristine condition. I cried when I listed it. I cried every time shared it. I rejected really good offers. Finally, it sold at my asking price which was not cheap (I think I priced high hoping it wouldn’t sell). I know there must have been teardrop marks on the tissue paper I wrapped it with. But alas, I sent the package off. I was appalled when I didn’t get a love note. I got an immediate 5-star rating but I thought … that jacket was my baby and deserves a few words of praise by golly! My hubby reminded me I was being a bit ridiculous. I did everything except post a eulogy in the local news for my loss, but I certainly grieved.

    • Haha! Amy, this might be the greatest comment on my blog EVER. I feel your pain. I get love notes for things that I couldn’t care less about and radio silence for my beloved family members. It’s tragic, really 😉

  6. Jennifer G

    Hi! thanks for the article! I just set up a closet on Posh yesterday, I posted my most beautiful pieces…Haute Hippie, Vince Camuto, Ted Baker London, Missoni, etc. for about 60% off retail. They are all NWT and great pics. I wanted to put up my best pieces to show my style and look classy/high end but no one is interested. Tough crowd! Now I just feel like throwing up some Target Massimo, second hand jeans, and scuffed shoes, (Lol) and charging $5, $10, $15 per piece. Would I make more money that way? When I’ve listed an item, PM says they are deducting $6 for shipping or something, and I will make such and such (a lower amount than asking price) so I don’t understand this, or how people are listing things for $5 can you please explain?? I am very green. Thanks!

    • The shipping cost doesn’t come out of what people pay you. They have to pay $6.49 (I believe?!) in addition to whatever the purchase price of the item is. Now, Posh does take a percentage of every sale (or a flat dollar amount if the price drops low enough).

      You won’t make more money selling cheap items, but you’ll get more sales and more five-star seller ratings, which helps when you’re getting started. Posh used to be all about shares and likes. All the sales I’ve had in the past two months have been on items that have had zero likes and no comments. I think the market is just so saturated that people aren’t interacting with all the features of the app like they used to. This is a great reminder that I should probably do another post!

      • Jennifer G

        Thank you! Now I remember, PM was deducting the 20% and saying I will make i.e. $16 if I list an item for $20. So if I list a bunch of things at $10 each, I would have to sell over12 items in order to crack $100 profit. And they usually want something really high end marked down to that price, it seems! I agree that things must have changed alot since the inception of PM and all of the promises it has made caused it to be flooded with sellers. I’m sure it’s even changing as we speak, and as trends move in a different direction. Oh well, looks like I’ll be making many trips and returns to Nordstrom Rack, after purchasing a boatload of clearance items and thinking I could re-sell them on Poshmark! Those gals are too savvy for me, and may prefer my used H&M and Mossimo! And what’s all the rage about Victoria Secret Pink? I just don’t get it. Haha 🙂

        • I think VS is something of a scam. Why should they make $60 for a few inches of cloth/lycra? It’s the marketing/branding Some day let’s all sell bras and make a fortune!

  7. Jennifer G

    Please clarify this one as well…if I list an item for $10, does that mean that the buyer has to pay $10 + $6.49 for shipping?

  8. Jodi Osego

    I really like the q & a’s here! Has really answered some of my Poshmark questions.. But I have one (or 2). If someone likes a couple of my items.. Is it a no-no to comment back to them you are willing to negotiate a price? Or is it better to see if they are serious and offer to you the seller a price to purchase ?
    Second question.. Can you do a sale like “buy one purse and get the second one of lesser value at a %off”? And if so how do you go about doing it?
    I’m new at this and don’t want to make any mistakes… And not so tech savvy either!

    Thank you!

    • Sorry for the late reply, Jodi! I have a special listing that says I’m open to all serious offers. I share that image from time to time. I’m more than happy to negotiate, but I would suggest using the offer button. Prices in the comments don’t mean anything. As far as sales go, you could make a separate listing that advertises it. You will also seem some Poshers actually post SALE in the item name and then include the sale details in the description. Good luck!

    • Joy Vera

      Hi Jodi. I do a buy 1 Get 1 promotion. I bundle if for them if they dont. You can see the ad and how it works in my closet @joychamp

      • That’s a great strategy. I’ve also seen people hold “low ball” sales to entice buying. It seems counterintuitive, but for items that you aren’t going to make a ton on anyway, I think it makes sense.

  9. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks! I’ve had good luck too–on the whole. I have a lot less stuff in my real closet now, which feels GREAT. I sell most for $5 or $11–super steals (I’m always losing money vs. my original investment)–and enclose any additional items people have liked as a gift. I think you are so right that the most questions people ask, the less interested they are. If you truly want it, you actually don’t care that much about the price. Anyway, here’s my post with tips: https://www.openmindfashion.com/blog/tips-for-sellingshopping-on-poshmark
    I’ll go check out your closet!…Just tried–what’s your handle? –not @pennies nor @shepickssupperpennies…

  10. joanne

    Thanks for your insight! I find it so true especially with the poshmark people who ask a lot of questions. They generally are not interested in the item and generally wasting people’s time. Too bad you don’t have before and after pictures of your closet. I’d be curious.

    • Joanne, I plan on updating more about Posh and my adventures in re-selling this year. I’ll definitely include some (messy and stressful) closet photos!

  11. Lana

    I’m relatively new to PM…I recently had an interesting experience. I had someone bundle a faux leather purse and a pair of Tory Burch wedges. I did my duty…packed everything up nicely. Taped up the box. Affixed the label. I even personally dropped the box off to the Post Ofgice (it is just down the street, truth be told). I followed the package online and saw it was delivered. Next thing you know I got a message from PM that a case was opened by the buyer…
    This is what they wrote:

    “We’re reaching out to you regarding order #Xxxxxxxx. It appears that the buyer has received her order, however, the shoes in the tory burch box were missing. Can you confirm if you may have accidentally forgot to ship this?”

    I was so flustered by this. Of course I didn’t forget to ship them!! PM ended up giving both me and the the buyer credit, but deep dowm, I think the buyer was a scammer.
    Anyone experience this or have suggestions on how to avoid such situations? Thanks! @cecascloset

    • Sadly, I’ve heard of this before, Lana. I always take a photograph on my phone before I seal the box. I’m not sure that it would really help, but it gives me peace of mind. The good news is that I think Poshmark is getting wise to this and is siding with sellers more and more. I’m glad they gave you credit. Keep us posted if it happens again! You may also want to search around on Posh. Some veteran sellers make listings where people can post questions or even report shady happenings!

    • Lorraine

      I’ve had two experiences with SCAMMER buyers on Posh. I sold a BRAND NEW Kate Spade satchel bag still in original packaging with price tag, etc. Took actual photos and ended up accepting what I felt was actually a low-ball offer of $110, considering what I paid for it. For whatever reason, this KOOK told PM that the bag was moldy on the outside and the inside, sent “pictures” showing this (hello! Photoshop easily adds “spots” that can be claimed as mold). PM sided with the buyer, I got the bag back in the same PRISTINE condition I shipped it out in!

      A few months later, the same thing happened with a Venus Jacket. This lying buyer claimed that the top button was loose, there was a loose thread and a “used tissue” in one of the pockets! Complete B.S.! Once again, I told PM that even though the buyer’s claims were false, to have them go ahead and send the jacket back, and it came back with NO loose button, NO loose thread, and with the plastic still on the zipper pulls of the pockets, one of which I supposedly had put a tissue in!

      I told PM that they needed to keep a closer eye out for “shifty buyers” like these, because I resent the accusation that I sell items which are NOT as I’ve described them!

  12. Kelly

    Hi! Great article! I just joined a few weeks back and got 10 sales over the last 2 weeks. One red flag though. I had a buyer ask a ton of questions and liked a ton of my stuff. I thought it was a a troll so I blocked the person. That night, a new user popped up similar name (same person 99% sure) and they then added 7 items to a bundle then added 9 more to another bundle. Totaling 16 items worth over $350. The next day they added another 10 things to another bundle. Meanwhile this is my second week using Poshmark and I only have 40 things available. This person was basically wiping my store clean. I decided to block it again because there aren’t a lot of seller privacy rights on Poshmark so I was scared to sell thinking it was a scam. I put my store up on vacation and cancelled the persons orders. This person continues to like my stuff over and over as if the person is unliking just to like again so that it triggers a notification. Any advice or feedback? I’m still so New and I reached out to Poshmark a few times but they weren’t much help..

    • You’re right to be cautious! I have definitely sold in bundles before but not like that. I mean, there’s a chance that your style really speaks to that person, but I would say it’s some kind of scam. Have you looked at that person’s closet? Do they have any comments or do they even have an “About” listing? I know some Poshers who are just buyers don’t have closets, but I’ve found that most genuine people at least have the “about” page up.

  13. Susi Jones

    Great feed. I’m new to PM. Definitely beats Plato’s closet. I felt like their offer barely beat $1-$2 garage sale. I don’t mind donations in general, I was very surprised with such a low ball offer of our items that were in excellent condition.
    Thanks everyone for the PM insight.
    Happy shopping

  14. Kyaro

    It amazes me how many Poshers dismiss people who ask questions as not being serious buyers. Why should I trust a complete stranger who gives minimal information about a used item they are selling? That expectation is rather arrogant. “EUC. Cute top, gently used,” does not mean “Free of pilling, blemishes, etc.” I have bought items listed as NWT and NWOT that were clearly used or damaged.

    I ask questions ONLY if I am serious about buying. There is currently a shirt on Poshmark that I am very interested in and have asked a simple question about to the seller. If she would clarify that information, I would buy it right away, at her full asking price. Looking at the comment history, she has been literally begging people to make offers, and the shirt has been up for 5 months. Well, it looks like it’s going to stay there even longer because I found the same shirt on eBay, and that seller responded quickly, so I bought it from her instead.

    My opinion: As a seller, you should be prepared to provide basic customer service, which includes answering questions. It doesn’t matter whether or not your response results in a sale. Buyers aren’t giving you free money. They are spending their own hard-earned money — whether that be $5, $50, or $500 — to get a decent, usable item in return. If you don’t like that they are asking questions about cheaper items, well, it’s not their fault you decided to list your item at such a low price.

    • Kyaro, you definitely have that right. Out of 100 or so sales, I would say that maybe three have asked questions. I just listed a brand-new pair of Ray-Bans with the tags clearly visible in the photo and in the description. Someone just commented: “Is this new with tags?” So for every sincere question I’ve come across, I’ve received dozens that seem…odd.

      I do pride myself on being very descriptive, though. I don’t fault you for wanting clarification on an unclear listing! It’s definitely a seller’s market, so whatever works for you when you’re getting ready to buy, right?

  15. Jamie

    Have you found a “golden timing” tact for how long to wait after someone had liked an item before sending them an offer?

    • I can’t say that I have. I probably get a little too impatient sometimes, but it seems like “likes” don’t always equate to real interest in Poshmark anymore. I truly think that some people do it for exposure and some people like things the same way you might like an acquaintances post on Facebook. What do you think?

  16. Laura

    Does anyone have experience shipping large brown boxes? I just sold a purse and didn’t want to fold it so I picked out a rather large Amazon box. It is still under the USPS 108″ threshold but the guy at the post office gave me a hard time. He said I could be charged $34 for shipping once it gets to the city’s distribution center. He advised me to repackage it. I’m at a loss of what to do since PM doesn’t have chat or phone #. I can email them but need to ship the package ASAP. Everything I can find online says as long as the box is under 5lbs, I should be okay. But the guy at the post office said that’s not correct. I’ve mailed a ton of smaller packages and obviously had no issue, but this is the first time I’ve had a large box I’m trying to mail. Any help you can give is much appreciative!

    • I have mailed several sizeable packages, and I’ve never heard of this! Is it possible to call or visit another USPS center? I would think you would be fine, but I’m honestly not sure. Sometimes, the USPS workers give me a really hard time about the pre-paid labels, so I’m not totally sure that they are consistently trained on this kind of selling/re-selling. I’ll do some digging, and I’ll hop back on if I find anything. Good luck!

    • Jodi B. Osego

      I once sold a purse that required a large box (not one we usually get at the Post Office). It was also for a large flat leather purse – the box was approx 20″ x 14″ – we shipped it ff without a hitch.
      Did you reach out to PM to ask? I know once an item sells we want to get it to the recipient right away, but you could let the buyer know you need one extra day…can’t hurt to try…
      Hope it goes well!!!

      • That’s a great suggestion, Jodi! You could try reaching out to Posh. I would certainly tag the buyer in your listing comment and let them know that you’re making sure the item will ship safely. In thinking back, I’ve sold several Ugg boots in their boxes inside another box. So I’m positive I’ve sent much larger boxes through USPS without incurring additional shipping. I suppose it’s possible USPS shipping policy has changed, but I can’t find anything on their site.

        • Laura

          Penny & Jodi, I so appreciate your responses! I did reach out to the buyer and let her know I was going to repackage it in a smaller box just to be safe. I had to fold the straps but I don’t think it was a major issue. I did let the buyer know she could cancel the item if she felt uncomfortable with the box size. I am going to reach out to Poshmark to see what they can tell me. Like you said, I’m not the first person to ship larger items! Ugg boots are probably as large or larger. I’m wondering whether the guy at the post office was just giving me a hard time? Or perhaps trying to be helpful in case I was going to incur a large cost. At any rate, I did mail the purse today without any issues. Thank you again for all your help!! So glad I found this site. I have enjoyed reading the posts!

  17. Gina

    Thank you so for the article and discussion. Both have been a HUGE help!

    I have been a buyer on Poshmark for a while. Last month, I decided to clean out my closet and post it. I have some lovely stuff in great condition from LOFT, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, etc. Before starting, I researched and read how-to articles. I took great cover pictures, added pics from multiple angles, posted descriptions with measurements, used the offer tools, and shared my heart out. The response? Crickets….

    Yet, I kept reading success stories and seeing sellers with TONS of sold items (some of which are totally baffling). I had no idea what I was doing wrong or what I was missing. The discussion on the influx of sellers makes so much sense.

    Is there another platform for mid-market brands?


    • Of course, Gina! I have found some success with Posh again recently. Have you checked out Tradesy? Also, it’s been a totally delightful surprise to me, but I am killing it with Offer Up. I live outside of Chicago, so I would say that is a great option if you are in a bigger town or city. I was practically giving away Coach shoes and a wallet on Posh, and I ended up getting $50 cash for both through Offer Up. I will definitely try to get a post out on that this month!

  18. Annetta

    I am selling right and left on Mercari, but I can’t seem to make a sale on PM. I get tons of likes, just not sure what to do with them. Any advice? Great Q&A btw, VERY informative!! I

    • Annetta, I would say the biggest two factors are time and closet size. Likes mean nothing anymore. I think people do it to be polite (which is maddening!). When I first started Poshing, likes were almost always the sign of a sale on its way. Now, most of my sales are to people who haven’t liked my items at all! You could also try searching for your item (or something similar) and looking for sellers with similar items. Chances are, if someone loved a brand once, they might buy it again! You could try to share that person’s listings to call attention to your closet. I’ve heard some people say that they have quite a bit of success that way!

      • @bgoldszer

        I have been on PM for less than a month and have made 35 sales. I spend about 4-5 hours per day on the app, sharing other folk’s closets as well as my own listings. I think engagement is everything on PM to drive sales. Also, make sure you have great pictures and accurate descriptions.

    • Joy Vera

      Hi. I know what you mean about the likes without sales. Do you use the offers to likes option? I do it on Thursday nights and end of the month. That’s when a lot of people get paid. It seems to help. Good luck

  19. Joy Vera

    So I found something that I’ve done a few times recently and it seems to help with sales. If I have an item that has been sitting, listed for some time. I will take new photos of it. I’ve done that and immsdiateky sold 2 out of 3 items that had no action before. I think it just needed a fresh look that caught someone’s eye. Good luck to you all. Great discussion @joychamp

  20. RPatterson

    Thanks for the blog. I am new to PM, only about a month or so in. I am only a buyer at this point but I am considering selling. I just wanted to comment on the likes. I have used the likes feature because I actually liked the item but simply wanted to weigh my options before commuting to buy. For example, another seller may have posted the same item and it gives me a chance to just pull up all my likes to compare them to determine which one suits me better. Honestly, PM should come up with a compare feature which would avoid us clicking on the likes feature, and explain the differences. As a potential seller, I can see how frustrating it could be when getting a like when the interest in purchasing the item is on the fence.

    • Hi, Samira!

      When you’re first getting started on Posh, it’s absolutely a waiting game. I think it will pick up some after the holidays, too. Once people have more discretionary income, I always see a little uptick in sales (the same is true around paydays!). Good luck!

  21. nita85

    I am not sure if you will read this. I’ve been selling on Posh since last summer and am still a working process. Lately it’s been slow for me, only getting a sale or two a week. The only thing I get lately is a bunch of followers and likes on items of $13-$8. What do I do? No one even makes an offer and if I do with the fees Poshmark gets and I have to offer lower shipping, i end up with a slap in the face in return. Any advice?

    • I think Posh is slowing down a lot of people. The shipping has gone up, and so have the fees. It’s not a great solution, but I’ve started cross-posting a bunch of my stuff. The OfferUp app is pretty popular by my locally. I listed a pair of Michael Kors shoes that I had on Posh for over a month–same price, same pics, same everything–and I had a sale that day.

      Another thing I’ve tried to do is catch people as soon as they add one item to their bundle and make a discounted offer right away.

      Good luck to you!

  22. Jane

    I disagree with more questions less interested. I’ve been burned a few times bc I didn’t ask enough questions before a purchase. Now I ask about everything that matters to me before purchasing.

    • Yup. It’s a tough spot to be in as a buyer. I understand that you want to know what you’re getting!

      But over a hundred sales, and I think I’ve only sold items to three people who ask questions?!

  23. Mila

    You are right. Those who ask questions are just browsing , send messages and don’t buy. I wanted to share a funny story with you here. I get lots of questions too. Once I’ve decided to be as detailed as possible. I was listing a pants. I have made pictures of the front, of the back, full length and close ups. Zippered and unzippered; fabric info tag, brand’s tag. I have measured the inseam, rise, total length, waist, leg opening. I have described what already has been in the pics – fabric contains, color, brand, even described how it feels to the touch, what they go with and what occasions they are for. Done. Listed. Thought I was done. But wait! I’ve got a question: “are those pants hemmed ?”

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