• For sure! In spite of my ridiculous consumerism, my credit score is in really good shape (or perhaps it’s as a result of all of it?!). I’ll have to look back to see if it’s up a point or two!

    • Right? It amazes me that credit card companies still offer things like this. At the same time, it saddens me because they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t profitable, so some people are getting caught in the high-interest traps.

  1. Wow that’s awesome! Loft has some pretty cute stuff! I would have totally taken up that rewards gift card, I have a friend who really really loves Loft and her birthday is coming up so that would have been the perfect way for me to gift her! Love credit card rewards, that’s how we pay for a lot of our vacations too.

    • Love that you pay for vacations that way. We churned cards a bit to pay for parts of our wedding, and we used the rewards for part of our honeymoon. I’d LOVE to swing a whole vacation that way!

  2. Great deal you’ve got there. I really need to start taking closer look at my mails again as you never know what you can find. These days I just shred them as soon as I get them to avoid the temptation of going on a shopping spree. I might need to reconsider this strategy to avoid missing opportunites like these.

    • They’re definitely hoping for a shopping spree. I actually received an email the other day encouraging me to take advantage of the offer. Too bad I couldn’t reply with this link!

    • I couldn’t believe I almost recycled it the first time. Now I get so excited whenever I see a Loft mailer (which, I’m sure, is there exact plan). We’ll see if the magic happens a third time.

    • Using credit card rewards to travel is the best! The people who can consistently swing that for free really amaze me. The stars did kind of align for this deal, especially because it required no extra time or effort.

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