1. I wish I had learned about these sites before I donated 10 bags worth of clothes (some with tags still on) to the good will! I cringe thinking about the money I could have made! I did get receipts for the donations so I can at least write them off on my taxes. Thanks for sharing this! I will definitely have to start selling any wardrobe items I want to get rid of going forward 🙂

    • I donate more than I sell – it’s not worth the aggravation sometimes. But you should definitely give it a try! I usually wait about a month and then I take the batch to a consignment shop and a donation center if I can’t sell online. I mostly just want it OUT! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the honest confession! I have had poor results from trying to sell clothes, but that’s probably because I don’t have anything that nice. I think it’s awesome that you’re tackling the closet, decluttering, donating, and already made $1k!

    • Kalie, I’m actually shocked. I wear a lot of LOFT (hello, teacher clothes), but even my Target stuff sells well. A lot of my sales are shoes, too. Oh the shoes. Oof.

  3. Pellrider @Pellrides

    You being a frugal person, I didn’t expect to have that many clothes and accessories. How much money you spent to buy all of those items approximately?

    • Oh my goodness, I don’t even know if I want to know. I have shoes and handbags and purses from when I was in high school! I guess there’s the one benefit to stopping growing when you’re really young?! I mean, 100 pairs of shoes between 20-80 a pair. That should give you a starting point, right? It’s horrific. That’s part of why I keep them all. They’re all in usable condition — some brand new even. I haven’t really shopped in over a year when I hit the breaking point with the clutter! I will definitely crunch the numbers and share out eventually 🙂

  4. Congrats on being ahead of last year’s bounty when you’re only 6 months into the year. I don’t have any clothes worth selling. But when we’re ready for our next move we’ll try to sell of some furniture. We already know we ‘re not taking our dining room set.

  5. Christie

    Wow! That is awesome! I wish I had known about Tradesy and Poshmark before massively Kon-Mari’ing my wardrobe last year! Actually, they are still good to know about. I’m a big fan of buying used clothes, so I’ll have to check them out when it’s time to get a few more things for work. Thanks for the tip!

    • There are so many steals on the sites. I know a few people who try to “flip” finds because you can get such good deals. Kudos to you for going full Kon Mari. I’m doing a weird, slow version of it!

  6. I will selling secondhand clothes is just as easy here in my country. I end up just donating loads of them – no regrets tho. Congrats on being able to get that much money!

  7. Jennifer

    Thanks so much for posting about Postmark!!! I learned about this site from your blog in April and have already made over $700 selling clothes just sitting in my closet. I used the $ towards our debt reduction and we are on target to be debt free by November. Any money earned from Postmark is just moving the pay off date closer!!

  8. Wow – Love this! We are starting the closet (and house) purge this week! This is the year of preparing to “downsize”! Thanks for the ideas on where to sell too. I was thinking just donate or try ebay. Need to do some better research with my time now!

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