1. Leigh

    Oh gosh, Penny, this post tugged at my heart strings. I’m so sad the timing did not work out for me to go to one of the Cents Positive retreats this year! Next year, I hope it’ll work out better. xo

  2. Being able to relate about experiences is probably the best part of finding a new community. It’s always nice to know “I’m not alone!” and also nice to hear experiences totally different from your own.

    I appreciate any time people are not pushing the side hustles or the uber-productivity ideas. Those are great for some people and lifestyles. But not mine.

    • I think there were definitely plenty of people transitioning into entrepreneurship and doing *lots* of side hustling. In fact, I know that’s the case because someone said Financial Panther was a gateway drug to FI. Ha! But it was fantastic to see people realize that didn’t *have* to be the path for everyone.

  3. Sounds like such an incredible experience! I’m a relative newbie to the community, but have been blown away by the level of compassion and support here. I love how women are increasingly embracing the ideal of lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down. It’s truly refreshing.

    Hope everything is okay with your family.

    • I’m hoping onto your blog after I leave this reply, Elise! It’s such a fantastic community online, and I love it in person even more.

      And thank you <3

  4. I’m a little jelly as the conference sounds pretty amazing. So cool to have a group that is supportive of one another, able to be honest and share perspectives free from judgment.

    I’m so happy that this thing exists: it really is needed in the personal finance space.

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