1. All great wins! I did a Friendsgiving ahead of Thanksgiving, since my friends mostly spend the day with their families (some of whom are even out of town). It was more than I wanted to spend in the end, but I’ve got leftovers for days and days. In fact, I may have to freeze some of the white meat because I’m not sure I can eat it all in time. I’ll give it a day or two and see how much of a dent I’ve made/how sick of turkey I am.

    Now if only the pumpkin pie hadn’t turned out so well… I was left with a whole one (I made two, but people all brought dessert with them this year.), and my waistline is NOT going to benefit from its yumminess.

  2. All great money wins as usual!! We all should appreciate Thanksgiving with all of our loved ones and enjoy each other’s company with love, great food and creating more memories. Happy Thanksgiving Penny!!

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