1. My old neighborhood got lots of kids trick or treating so it was worth it to spend a little money on candy. I moved and I don’t really do much on Halloween anymore, so this month’s spending on Halloween is basically zero. lol! You had some good wins there!

  2. I was able to find shoes for my Marilyn Monroe outfit at the thrift store for $3.25 (yay half-price day!). They killed my feet, but so do all high heels so… Alas, the rest of my costume wasn’t quite as thrifty, costing me around $35. But compared to the $162 average, I guess I’m getting off light.

    • And I think the best part about grown-up costumes is that we can re-wear without worrying about growing out of them and they’re fairly easy to sell. 😀

  3. I went on a costume-selling spree over the last six weeks, and I have only two costumes left here to get rid of. I’m hoping some last-minute person will take them off my hands.

    It looks like it’s going to be a torrential downpour here on Halloween night, so Mr. FG and I may have to save our costumes for next year. Which will, I guess, seriously lower 2020’s Halloween spending!

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