1. We’ll be preparing for life after quitting the 9 to 5 in 2016. It’s an exciting time. I’m also committed to staying fit, helping Mr G build the blog, and learning to play piano. Relaxation will be important for me too and I’m interested in hearing how you progress with that.

    I look forward to witnessing what you create in 2016. Have a wonderful new year, Penny.

  2. Awesome goals. 🙂 I’m waiting until the last minute to write my own so I have the chance to read everyone else’s and get ideas. (Seriously.)
    What are you learning on Duolingo? I used it a couple years ago to learn some Spanish and it was AWESOME….and then I got distracted and stopped. But I should probably start again.

  3. Mrs. Lewis (@LewisandWife)

    There is power in simplicity. I love how strong but simple your goals are this year. It makes me think I went a bit crazy on mine. =P Good luck in all your goal achieving this year. Remember to do check ups!

    • Check ups are really important, aren’t they? Truthfully, I wondered if these goals were too simple. But that’s kind of what I want. A simple year to grow.

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