1. OMG Yes to Quieter!
    Sometimes I yearn for the freedom and lack of responsibility that can come with renting, but then I remember my old neighbors. The bass that shook the walls. The dogs that barked 24/7. The smoke through the vents. The stolen parking spaces. The piano set up touching our shared wall. The naked sunbathing on the back deck.
    I’ll leave you with that (elderly male) mental picture. You’re welcome.

  2. We’re in a house but there’s no land or backyard. We’re seeking 2 acres for our next home and look forward to growing food. Our best purchase was the condo we first bought in Charlotte prior to our current home. It had flaws but it got us out of NY and we knew we’d be able to sell it in two years. It also provided a good base for scoping out the area.

  3. kim domingue

    Another introvert here. Apartment living or condo living would be intolerable for me and the hubs as well. We bought a double wide movable home 26 years ago and put it on some property we owned. It was going to be for the short term but the economy tanked in our neck of the woods and our house was paid off so we decided to stay put. The only thing we owe over and above what someone who rents is home repairs. But we have no monthly rent. And for 25 years we were able to deduct the interest from our mortgage on our taxes. We owe no property taxes due to the homestead exemption act. After eight years, the economy still hasn’t rebounded in our area so I’m grateful that we made the choice to purchase a home and it’s paid off and we can stay in the area that has been our home for the entire 37 years of our marriage. I can’t imagine that that would have been a possibility if we had been renting and paying monthly rent of $1200 a month or more. We are free to travel and do all those things that people who rent do.

    I think it all comes down to what people are comfortable with. Some feel more secure owning and some more secure renting.

  4. We’ve thought a lot about the housing situation as we get ready to downsize too. We could move into our apartment complex. It’s in a little village – nice, quiet folks on a dead end street. But the sharing walls thing…. We have shared walls in our Florida condo – and you can hear the TV next door on occasion – but well worth it at this point in time. We’ll likely just move into our smaller single family rental for the reasons you explain here. Neighbors are close, but they are our walls. If we don’t like it – we can always figure out something new too.

  5. The math for owning makes a lot of sense where we live. Rent is expensive in our county! Still, I would probably choose to own regardless. I like to decorate and keep my own home however I want. I also love having the choice to have a pet and keep a garden most of the year. I also know I would dislike sharing walls with anyone else!

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