1. I didn’t do any decluttering this month, but I’m pretty proud of the pre-cluttering (tried to make a mashup of declutter and preventative) I did by avoiding all of the FinCon swag except for tshirts. You’re welcome for me pre-cluttering you a sweet mug ?

  2. I did not do any decluttering this month or, in fact, any of the past months of 2019. And it’s quite obvious when you look around the house.

    With a smaller house it was critical that I decluttered when I moved in but somehow it all came creeping back.

    I think it’s time to jump back on the decluttering bandwagon and hopefully your monthly updates can help be that push I need.

  3. Thomas A Waffle

    I did a little decluttering in my linen cupboard last weekend and found 4 empty spray bottles, 1 empty squirt bottle and 2 empty pump bottles. To be fair I didn’t get rid of all of these and moved most of them to my basement pantry storage but they’re no longer upstairs taking up space and one pump bottle will come to work with me tomorrow to replace a broken one in the shared kitchen.
    I’m trying to get my spouse to donate his snow boarding gear since he hasn’t gone snow boarding in over 17 years – it’s almost vintage at this point. He’s not ready to let it go.
    I did put an inkjet printer cartridge that I found in the donate box since we haven’t had an inkjet printer in over 5 years…

  4. I did a lot of decluttering this summer. And as a mom of four, I just want to say that yes, you are right on track with the idea that it’s a continual process.

    Children are always growing out of things, and if you don’t pass them on, you can end up with a LOT of stuff that you don’t need.

    I like to try to pass things on as soon as possible, especially clothes, because if you wait with those, they can go out of style.

    • It’s so hard because we waffle if we want another kiddo or not. But there are so many ifs there that it’s really just an excuse. Hoping now that the seasons are changing, it will inspire me to be more aggressive with getting rid of his stuff!

  5. I am working through TT’s room. He’s agreed to part with the clothes that are too small but told me that the bookshelf is off-limits! A child after my own heart 🙂

  6. mel

    My aim this week is to put a bag on the door handle in each room in the house.. and fill it up with items throughout the week that need to be donated/thrown/sold.
    Let’s see which room get’s filled first!

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