1. I really appreciate this. I felt similarly about all the travel content I wanted to write about a month ago. It seems so silly, now.
    And our money goals made it so we can get through the rough times. I’m grateful to be prepared in the right ways.

    • Yes! I’m grateful that we are prepared, and I’m also questioning if we really are. It’s hard to see down the road, so I’m trying to just focus on the now.

      Hope you are well, Alene!

  2. Barbie

    Yes, yes, yes. Hubby and I find our world and more importantly, our perceptions of our world have fundamentally changed. Things that seemed important even three weeks ago just have dropped away. Decisions have suddenly gotten clearer for those of us who are not sick. We gather and prepare food, read, walk in our neighborhood and no longer run around to events and services we were sure were essential. Turns out that they were not. I am sure we will add back some events once this pandemic is over or substantially contained but not at the level and intensity that it was before.

    Stay safe and thanks for writing what a lot of us are thinking and experiencing.

  3. Thanks Penny for being so candid and honest and exactly spot on. Things have changed dramatically and it’s okay to acknowledge that. While I’ve been focused on taking things one day at a time (and even one hour at a time when the day seems daunting) I know deep down that at some point I’ll need to confront what this all means for my life and what comes next.

    Good luck with the online learning. I’m sure you’re a rockstar of an online educator!!

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