1. Way to battle through the drudgery to score that refund! I’m sorry people are jerks on social media. And don’t ask us how to spend your refund? We are horrible at spending windfalls. We are still sitting on unexpected Christmas gift from a relative, our tax return, and our stimulus check looking for the “right” thing to do with it. Have you considered getting a dog with the refunds? We’re adopting a dog and it seems like a great way to throw away a lot of money both at the outside and then also continuously with time.

  2. Kevin

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have travel booked (with American) late July domestic. I’m wary of being in a confined space like an airplane in July, so I’ve been sitting not the fence in regards to applying for a refund and cancelling the trip.

    Thoughts about traveling domestically in July/August?

    • Hi, Kevin!

      That’s a tough call. I want to say that I think we will all be able to travel by then, but I’m honestly not sure. Have you looked at the state that you are flying into? We have a possible trip to California in September, but it’s for a big conference. I’m not sure large gatherings (thousands of people in a convention) will be happening then, so I haven’t pulled the trigger on those flight tickets.

      The mask requirements and new cleaning requirements certainly make me feel better about planes. But I’m not sure! Do you have an option for a travel voucher? Do you think you’d actually use it? In your case, you might be better to just wait until it’s closer. I hope you’ll keep me posted! Good luck to you!

  3. My wife and I had already paid for our planned June hiking vacation in Switzerland via Milan, Italy. Needless to say that has been postponed. I’m afraid the tour company might declare bankruptcy, they originally offered refunds but stopped after a week when everyone asked for their money back. We weren’t eligible at that time since they had not formally cancelled our trip. I’m sure the airlines will credit us against a future flight but what if they go bankrupt too? Right now we’ve got $20,000 sitting with the tour agency and the airlines and no way to get it back. In the big picture of our overall finances it is a small amount of money but it is kind of irritating that it may be taken away without our getting anything in return. Obviously we should have paid only the deposit instead of the entire amount up front.

  4. Leigh

    I’m so glad you were able to get your money back, Penny! They sure don’t make it easy. We went somewhere mid February right before all of this crazy, lol. I’m glad we did that now! And my husband has a trip to Canada planned for June. His airline hasn’t canceled the flight yet, so we are trying to wait that out. Our plan at the moment was to keep budgeting the same % amount for travel and setting aside the June trip refunds and then we will have a really nice travel fund whenever we can plan travel again. I think it’s going to be a while before I am comfortable traveling again though considering how much anxiety I have about going anywhere at all!

  5. I had to cancel Spring flights with Southwest and we’re stuck with a travel voucher. It was early on in this whole mess and I just didn’t have the mental bandwidth to try to get a real refund from them. I’m still grumpy about that money being stuck in a travel voucher when I have no desire to attempt travel anytime soon.

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