1. I got overwhelmed by our basement clutter after living here about seven years. We saved everything and it was just too much. We did a massive tag sale and donated the rest. I could have made a lot more selling it online, but I just wanted the stuff GONE. So I understand the feeling.

  2. 5! I want to get at least 5 blog posts posted. And I’m not going to count the two that I posted on Saturday, even though the mid-year recap could/should count. But I posted it before July 1 and I’m not going to cheat.
    I also want at least $700 in bank sign-up bonuses. Stretch goal of $1000.

  3. Clutter “living rent free” lol I never thought of it looks that before! It’s usually my fault that we have clutter since I don’t like throwing things away. Like “oh that’s a pretty box! What if I needed a pretty box someday?”
    I made 3 sales on OfferUp and all thanks to your recommendation!! It’s been slower recently, I guess my items aren’t fresh on the radar.

  4. Love the idea of a quarterly update, Penny. Kudos on your mortgage repayment, you are killing it! We’re on an accelerated repayment as well, but I’m not as aggressive as I probably should be. Thankfully it’s a small mortgage, but all the more reason to just get rid of it.

  5. Karen

    So this quarter the goal is to be relentless with shaving down the impulse spending on food: takeaway, restaurant and grocery store items (the ones that get wasted cause I forget to prepare, I’m talking about spinach here). All the savings is going to be funneled into a replacement car account, I’ve got maybe one more year of life on my car, so I’ve got to get moving on building up that account. I don’t regret having a 403b, and I know the fees aren’t great, but alongside a Roth and a potential pension, you are setting up a pretty substantial nest egg. You may even be able to start a 457 plan.
    Love your accountability here with the quarterly reflections.

  6. I loved reading this. Obviously there is power to having goals and you are showing that having goals allows you to stretch towards them. If you don’t make, it isn’t a failure because you are probably better off than if you hadn’t set a goal in the first place.

    I do love the quarterly goals here and the fact that not all of them are financial!

  7. Can we talk about how LOW your remaining mortgage is?! I think that’s a great step!
    Also would love a post detailing 529s?? My husband and I want to open one and I’m a bit inundated with where to start, how to pick, how much we should dedicate to it each year, etc etc. Any advice and direction would be greatly appreciated!


    • Sorry for the slow reply!

      I definitely have a 529 post in the works now that we are coming up on the one-year mark for having the account opened. Thanks for telling me that my remaining mortgage is low, Laura! It feels like I’m drowning most days when I look at it. But I have to remember where we started!

  8. Jennifer

    Just found this blog, because it was mentioned by Cait Flanders’s month’s write up…

    I can’t seem to stop reading. Thank you for being so open with us.

    I’m a single mom of four (19, 18, 15 & 11), working through debt payments and having just turned 40. It feels like it will take forever. $35K in student loan debt, @$15K in consumer debt.

    My goal is to pay off at least one, if not two card before the end of the quarter. Birthday season is starting in September and runs until six days before Christmas, but I’m mostly prepared with a budget for each daughter’s birthday expected to be filled by August. And Christmas is right around the corner…

    If I get a larger “windfall” than paychecks (like maybe child support or if my daughter pays me back in a lump sum…) then I will pay down a third card before January – but that’s 4th quarter talk 😉

    – Jennifer

    • Hi, Jennifer! I am so glad you stopped by.

      I’m glad that you’re finding inspiration, but I have to tell you how inspired I am by YOU and the little bit you just shared about your story. I hope you’ll update me on Q3 and Q4. I love how you already have a plan for birthday season!

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