1. We celebrate the day but not much. I like to make sugar cookies with the boys, and my husband will get me something modest. I’m not a fan of overpriced flowers or big gifts or going out to eat, I prefer something thoughtful and meaningful. Last year my husband bought me my favorite truffles and put little notes below each one. That was my favorite-the chocolates are all gone but I still have the box with all the little notes.

  2. Like CMO, we do stuff for the boys, but Mr. ThreeYear and I don’t really celebrate. He’s traveling on Valentine’s anyway this year! 🙁 I love a thoughtful letter or note. That’s my favorite Valentine’s Day gift!

    • Those are great gifts. And holidays really are for kiddos, I think! It doesn’t mean anything to HP this year, but I’m excited for years to come.

  3. I was never a big artificial holiday guy. Not big on birthdays, anniversaries of any kind, or Arbor Day. However, when I met Mrs. Oldster I realized that I was going to have to stretch my appreciation of these “holidays”. At this point in our lives, if we spend a few hundred dollars a year on good chocolates (no waxy crap here) and flowers, the world will not come to an end and our daughter’s college education won’t be in jeopardy. Would I do it otherwise? No, probably not. But if 25 years of marriage has taught me nothing else, it has taught me that it is not all about me.

    • I’m glad you spring for the nice chocolate! It sounds like you and Mrs. Oldster really have it figured out. That was our problem: for too long, we did what we thought couples should do, instead of what we really wanted.

  4. Isn’t it funny how much you can change in just a year?

    This year I instituted a rule that we can only give each other gifts using items that are in the house (although judging by our credit card statement, hubs has already broken this, but whatever). I made him a few cute homemade gifts that I know he’ll love (like macarons!).

    We opt to cook a very nice dinner at home for Valentine’s. We just don’t enjoy going out to eat, particularly for crowded holidays like Valentine’s. We splurged on a beef tenderloin and will enjoy it more than a restaurant meal!

  5. We have never been huge fans of Valentines, it seems a big con really. We might buy each other a card and he sometimes gets me chocolates and I make him some heart shaped chocolates with the kids. But that’s it.

    We celebrate more on genuinely meaningful days such as our anniversary and birthdays.

    • I suppose what I like about the day (or any made-up holiday) is that it’s a reminder in the doldrums of winter to stop and show my appreciation. I like to think I do this all the time, but the truth is that I don’t. So I’m happy to splurge a little bit 🙂

  6. We do some limited celebrating. Usually it’s a fancy dinner and movie, both at home for frugality. This year we’re taking some of our date night funds to see an Italian opera (at the movie theatre) that my wife really wants to see. Dinner may or may not be popcorn. 🙂

  7. I bought $9.99 worth of chocolate and heart shaped candy that I will hand out all day at the office and some in a small pack to Mr B. I like to take any opportunity I can to say thank you to the special, helpful, long term people in my life.

    We will also be having dinner out this year at the local club using vouchers won at trivia (so free). And only because moving house the next morning means no pans for cooking. Aptly timed ?

    • That’s awesome that you use it as a time to say thanks. I think of it that way, too. I also get Valentine’s for my students (mechanical pencils!). Artifical as they may be sometimes, holidays can be a really nice reminder to find small ways to make other people smile.

  8. In my previous relationship, we did not “do” valentine’s day. We felt satisfied with our yearlong approach to romance. One year I was having a bad day and completely forgot that it was V Day, and she had texted to ask if I needed anything to feel better and I responded chocolate. She bought the most ridiculous heart-shaped box and we laughed a ton. We would have had more chocolate if we did not have the packaging though.

    I horde cards all year. Anytime I see something I’d like to eventually give, I buy it and keep it in my card box. That way I don’t have to rush out and get a $5 card at the last minute.

    • That is a great strategy with cards, ZJ!

      Our first Valentine’s Day together involved flowers. Mr. P sent them to my work. It was spendy but really cute. I got fired about 15 minutes after the flowers were delivered (they released all first-year teachers). Suddenly, those flowers meant so much more.

  9. We’re going to Barnes and Noble to spend old gift cards and have a mocha at Starbucks. In NY we did a romantic (not) meal at White Castle for Valentine’s Day. When we came to NC we switched to Sonic but it’s been a bit too chilly to eat sitting in the car. We enjoy making up quirky traditions.

    P.S. I’ve have a greeting card in my dresser drawer I planned to give to Mr. G three years ago. But he told me he didn’t get me a card and he would have felt bad had I given him one. Too bad it says “Husband” on it or I’d bring it to my aunt in the nursing home. She wouldn’t know the difference but the staff would think I’m nuts.

    • That sure would save money!

      I really love it when Mr. P buys me plants. But I’m starting to turn into the equivalent of a cat lady with foliage. So my prediction is Sour Patch kids. Or maybe he will pick up on my not-so-subtle hints of plants that I can put in the ground this spring.

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