1. Woo hoo, congrats on the 850! Mine’s been stalled out around 760 for quite a while, but I’m still a relative baby with credit (and don’t have “enough” different kinds of credit since it’s just my cards and student loans), so I just need to play the waiting game.

  2. Congrats! Never heard of that. I am some where around 780. And don’t think I will get there anytime soon. I don’t have a mortgage or any other loan. And have never had one.

  3. Mine recently hit 750, which is awesome because it was in the 500’s just a few years ago. Later this year, anything that made in the 500’s should drop of my report (that is, late payments). Exciting.

    My wife is more competitive than me. Right now my score is better than hers – which is frustrating since hers never dipped as low as mine. I want hers to be better than mine to make her happy, although I’m not going to miss a payment to make that happen!

    • You’re so thoughtful! Ha!

      Congrats on those huge gains. That’s about what my husband has done, though I think maaaaaybe he’s in the 780s right now. I’m so awful. I should know the exactly number, but I mostly just listen hard enough to know that I’m still in the lead 😉

  4. Competing with your husband in this way is so charming! I keep many cards open for the same reason. Length of credit and under-utilization will hopefully get me a great rate on my eventual mortgage.

    • I was floored by what a difference it made. We were looking at 4.5% versus 3.75% with the loan just in my name (since I had the higher score). You’d think the fact that my income was so much less by itself would matter, but nope. They just focused on the credit score.

      And they don’t care if you make yourself house poor, I guess.

  5. spiffi

    Wow! I didn’t know it was possible 😀

    Mine is 830 this month – basically at this point I’m not quite sure what to do to make it go higher, though.

    I tend to use one credit card for all purchases, with a second card as my backup. I have two other cards that I don’t use – I should probably make a point of using them just to wake them up.

    I have about 18 months left on a car loan at 0%, and I have a mortgage, which I am paying extra on. I also have a HELOC that I don’t use – it’s just in case.

    What I have against me, is that my credit history is 18 years old, since I moved to the US in 2000 and only started existing at age 23, as far as the US creditors recognize.

    I did push the button – last year I think – to ask for increases on my credit card limits – they were approved – but honestly I don’t *need* that much credit, so I don’t particularly want to ask for more?

    Not sure what else to do to achieve that perfect score 😀

    • I think it’s what you said — it’s mostly just waiting at this point! And I know what you mean about not needing the increased limits. I do it purely to try to game the system. At this point, I think most of my cards are upwards of $20,000. Except for Target. I just got them to increase my limit to $750 and I practically had to beg!

  6. As long as I’m over 800, I don’t care very much but we just got our scores in the mail from working on our refinance and I’m 806, he’s 808. I’m guessing that’s because his credit history is a lot older than mine but that’s fine.

    I compete with him on salary though his company is big and rich and mine isn’t so I’ve been losing for a long while. Still, competing means I keep within shouting distance!

  7. This is like seeing a unicorn in the wild! I knew theoretically an 850 was possible, but I’m pretty sure some part of me was convinced it wasn’t actually possible. I crossed the 800 mark last year, and I’ve been hovering there since. I know it’s because I don’t have enough of a credit history yet – I’m at an average of 6 years because I keep opening more cards for the bonuses. Oh well! Time to request some more credit increases 🙂

  8. Catherine

    The highest I got since I started diligently tracking was 814… it’s now down a bit though because we bought a new vehicle (tool put financing) and I recently opened a new credit card…. So I know it will probably go back up a bit but I’m fine with how it is…. The issue I’m having is that my oldest card on file (and the only one I had for many years) has an annual fee associated with it with no rewards so I don’t use it anymore…i want to call and close the account but I want to keep it for history purposes…torn!

  9. Donna

    My credit score is in the 800s, but, just so you know, it actually went DOWN after I paid off my mortgage and my car. Reason: Lack of recent installment loan information. Can you believe it?!

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