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Baby Toes and Blanket

Last week, our family of three became a family of four. We couldn’t be any happier or more tired. At least I don’t think!

This post doesn’t have any crunched numbers or completed spreadsheets. Those numbers will come later.

But what I can say on the financial front is it’s amazing how much another life-changing moment can both reaffirm and challenge your finances. I feel surprisingly optimistic heading into another unpaid maternity leave. Our mortgage balance is steadily decreasing (we’re under $50,000 now!) and our savings and investments are on the uptick.

And yet, I find myself dreaming of Disney and so much other spending. While I don’t know if Disney is in the cards now or ever (HP likes Mickey Mouse but isn’t big on movies in general), I do find myself focused much more on mid-range goals than ever before.

  • What family vacation can we take locally?
  • Do we plan a staycation for this winter?
  • When might we travel internationally again?
  • What experiences can we give them?
  • What experiences do we want to have as a family?
  • How can we spend even more time with our kids?

That isn’t to say that we haven’t done our fair share of adventuring as a family of three. Quite the opposite. Once we found our groove, we were on the move quite a bit. But I didn’t spend nearly as much time thinking about, planning for, or setting money aside for those mid-range goals. And yet that’s exactly where my mind is going now.

So the next few midnight wakings, I’ll be spending my time soaking up newborn snuggles and brainstorming all sorts of sinking funds for the next few years.

Wisconsin Dells anyone?

So Tell Me…How have happy life milestones altered your thinking about money?



  1. Congratulations!!! Newborn snuggles are amazing!
    I do have some family adventures I want to do (Disney with rest of my family so cousins can explore together) but many will have to wait until kids are older. Most of our adventures are still local/low cost. But I do want to get us to national parks once everyone can do some hiking without complaining after 5 minutes 🙂
    Good idea starting some sinking funds for those goals!

  2. Congratulations Penny! My middle daughter has been begging for the pandemic to be over so that she can go to a Wisconsin Dells waterpark again. And trust me, with 2 kids, you’ll want to send them to a waterpark with the grandparents and go to Sundara with Mr P and relax!

  3. Marie

    Congrats on the newest addition! I hope you are doing well and recovering the best you can. I’ve got a 7 week old over here. The toddler adjustment was intense!

  4. KaLynn

    Congratulations!!! I feel you on envisioning future adventures as a family. I have a 1.5 year old and we take several trips a year. I catch myself trying to flash forward several years when we don’t need to pack all the things 🙂

  5. Congratulations, friend! Those feet!

    We, too, are already discussing future travel plans with the littles. While my heart cries out for international travel again maybe something close by is the ticket. Maybe camping. Staycation? Something where we can pack up and go home if the littles aren’t having it would maybe be prudent.

  6. Welcome to the world!!!

    I have no idea. But I’ve started telling Spud travel stories and I’d love to take him to new places and see the wonder on his little face!

  7. Julia

    Congratulations from a long time mostly-lurking reader!! Are you sharing if HP has a little brother or sister?
    We have 4 kids ages 6 and under and we’re flying from the east coast to Alaska this summer. And yes I’m pretty sure we’re insane. But it’s to visit family who will not be there long term (military) so we have to take the opportunity!!
    We too have our mortgage balance under $50k and it feels amazing to have the payoff within reach. Once it is paid off my husband will have the choice to be able to leave his stressful but higher pay job, for one that’s more enjoyable to him with lower pay.

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