1. Jover

    Family first, always. And I imagine the FinCon experience is like receiving a financial windfall; it’s best to sit on it a while and figure out what to do with your new found wealth (of knowledge and inspiration).
    Can’t wait to see what you do with it!!

  2. Carolyn

    Before my husband retired from the military he had to travel a good deal. He dreaded eating out and especially hated the hotel food. He said it was always way overpriced and not very good, of course he did say staying in a hotel beat sleeping in a tent in the desert. And that is why he prefers cooking and eating at home now. I fully understand why you packed a cooler. We do pack food for lunch and snacks when we go to a park or wherever as water from home in containers beats $3 a bottle for 12 ounces in a plastic bottle that tastes like plastic. And eating fresh fruit beats greasy french fries any day. And hubby puts his beer or cider in as well when there will friends that share a drink.

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