Debt Free at 35: What Comes After a 10-Year Money Goal

10 years ago today, I bought a house. And paying off that house has been the focus of our money journey for years.  There have been more ups and downs than I ever imagined. Several reductions-in-force at work, two unpaid maternity leaves, and so much more.  A few months ago, we made that goal our … [Read more…]

5 Money Lessons My Newly-Minted Five Year Old Knows

We just celebrated our son’s fifth birthday–a whole hand! While we are just getting the ball rolling on many financial things, like a formal weekly allowance, there are a few big money lessons he’s already learned. Money is for Spending and Saving I have to be honest! We were a little worried about this first … [Read more…]

FinLit for Kids: M is for Money

M is for money, B is for book, and GW is for generational wealth! There are so many different ways that I want to grow generational wealth. Some of that wealth absolutely involves my husband and I putting in the work to build up assets we plan to pass along. But another big piece of … [Read more…]

Saying No To Myself: A Money Skill I’m Still Trying to Master

Note to Self Word No Telling Myself No

We’ve crested a lot of milestones in 2020. Not only do we have enough money set aside in savings to pay off our mortgage when we’re ready, we can also afford for my husband to take a short-term leave of absence from a work situation that no longer works for our family. Oh. And the … [Read more…]

5 Money Moves I Made to Calm Down During the COVID-19 Crisis

5 Money Moves I Made to Calm Down During the COVID-19 Crisis

This has been another week for the history books. And not in a good way. It’s more a “Oh, my gosh, Penny, why did you already eat all the ice cream? It’s only Wednesday” kind of way. Mr. P and I have both tried to stay calm in front of HP. But his schedule is … [Read more…]