That One Time I Ruined Dinner

I’m starting to learn that blogging is an exercise in talking out of both sides of my mouth. No sooner do I wax poetic about my meager grocery budget and call out the many luxuries that are wont to crop up on shopping lists, then I indulge in the biggest luxury of all: I waste … [Read more…]

Need Some Motivation? There’s an App for That

From brown bagging your lunch and taking the stairs to using your gym membership and shopping from a list, there are dozens of little victories in any given day. Even though these small moments can work wonders for your motivation, finances, and overall happiness, it is sometimes difficult to find meaningful and fun ways to … [Read more…]

Your Side Hustle Won’t Save You

Here’s the thing: side hustles are omnipresent in the personal finance world. Consumer debt, bad. Side hustle, good. I get it. You get it. We all get it. But if you don’t have a purpose for your side hustle, your side hustle won’t save you. 

Age is Not an Excuse for Financial Illiteracy

“It’s fine. I’m only 21. I don’t really know what to do with money.” This soundbite is courtesy of my late-night HGTV binge watching this weekend, and this sentiment is alarmingly common among young adults. Have a lot of debt? I didn’t know better. Spending more than I earn? No one told me not to. … [Read more…]