1. Way to go Penny! I’m constantly amazed by your ability to freelance. (Well, not actually that amazed because you’re a great writer!!)

    I like your idea of deleting the Target App. This weekend I stuck my phone in a drawer. It didn’t result in any less impulse purchases (I hate buying stuff on my phone) but it did result in less mindless screen time.

    I have been also focusing on my W2 job. My position is reviewed on a 5 year schedule and I’m months away from the review. It’s been a lot of introspection and reflection on my career goals. Today, I can say that whether or not I get promoted won’t change a damned thing in my life. So I’m trying to be calm and rational about it. But a little part of me (the childish, dumb side of me) cares, not because of the money but because I think I “deserve” it. Which is complicated on so many levels.

    Best of luck in your W2 & side hustles!! <3

  2. I am amazed thst you can list 5 new things for both saving and earning week after week.

    Last week I lowered my home insurance by $150 per year. That was a huge win but it’s a one time thing.

    I need to think more about ways to earn and/or improve career.

  3. I don’t know if I really have a plan, but we are not giving up. We did purchase a car after not having one for a month or two now I am back to broke with no employment yet. I look forward to more of your tips

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