1. I think ebay is generally better for kids clothing. They seem to have more bundle or lot options? However I have gotten good quality items from poshmark sellers.

    I have had some poor experiences on both platforms due to dishonesty. I honestly don’t know why people describe flawed or stained items as good because that would lower their seller rating.

    I thought I’d share some tips too:
    1) poshmark is great for kids jackets and more durable items like ski bibs.
    2) poshmark is very good for women’s evening wear. I have bought high quality dresses in perfect condition. I once bought a beautiful Tahari dress for $15, wore once, dycleaned it and resold for $13.
    3) you can find many new items on poshmark as well. I have so many friends who buy clothes and simply stuff them in a closet, so I’m not too surprised.
    4) Prices vary a lot! I have paid top dollar for used because I really wanted something, only to see the same item later listed at much less.
    5) Always like an item before purchasing. Oftentimes the seller will send you a discounted offer ( lower price and/or discounted shipping)

  2. Hannah

    In my experience “lots” seem to be the perfect answer for suiting up babies and toddlers. They almost always include several “dress” pieces for kids to wear to church, weddings, or other special events that require a non-ugly shirt.

    As the kids have gotten older, lots have become a little tougher to come by, especially for boys. I have moved on to buying my “lots” from Goodwill or another thrift shop, winter gear from Once Upon a Child (though I am on the hunt now, so I may check poshmark), and “dress” clothes from poshmark or thredup.

    When my kids are done using the clothes, I pass them on to the next similarly sized person in my circle. I don’t really save clothes to pass on to my younger kids since I’ve always managed to buy clothes quite inexpensively, and I would rather see clothes used than risk having them go out of style while they take up storage space in my closet.

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