1. Yes! This is a great post about the holiday shopping season. I really do not like it when the Personal Finance community act as personal finance police. There are lots of great reasons to spend money (and save money) on holiday presents. I hate the one-size-fits-all approach. You wouldn’t tell an alcoholic that if they don’t drink eggnog they’re Christmasing wrong. So why the eff do we preach about Black Friday deals and the correct number of presents to give.

  2. Great points Penny!

    Holidays and holiday spending are sources of stress for many. Much of the PF world adds to it with undue pressure to be perfect, as you say. Great article and well timed reminders!

    Happy holidays to you and yours!

  3. I find people mistake “do your best with what you have” as “always do the right thing no matter what” and then it’s just too hard to bother at all. That applies to shopping or for environmentally sound habits, or healthy habits or financial habits. I’m prone to that occasionally when I see others practicing much more hardcore eco and financially friendly habits. I have to remind myself they’ve got a very different life and lifestyle for so many reasons and carry on doing *our* best for our family.

    The judging we see in our sphere is why I only bother reading bloggers who tell stories and don’t aim to dole out advice. Except BGR.

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