1. I completely agree with #2. I’m the kind of person that I’f I’m not immediately amazing at something I’ve never done before (like decluttering), I get frustrated and want to give up. I’m over five years in on minimalism and I still don’t think I’m ‘done’ decluttering. I need to give myself more or less permission (I haven’t decided which) to sell or not sell some things I’ve been hanging onto. Maybe I just need to find the time to make it to the consignment store downtown lol

  2. Oh my, yes. Re: #4 Becker and Flanders are so inspiring, positive, and purposeful within the minimalist “giants.” Becker specifically is the only one who has repeatedly said that relationships are not worth sacrificing in the pursuit of minimalism (of which the primary benefit is to IMPROVE those relationships, duh!) I have a husband who brought a bunch of (cheap, hole-ridden) clothing from Korea 10 years ago that he hadn’t worn the 10 years prior and still has yet to wear; decluttering is a difficult concept for him. I have made my peace with the fact that life with my husband will mean living with clutter, but I can manage my own contributions to the clutter much better than I currently do. Also, read Becker’s new book The Minimalist Home; it’s great!

  3. #4. I haven’t found the right motivation to de-clutter any of our stuff yet. My wife and I keep saying we will wait until we buy a home so when we go through the moving process we can filter out the stuff we need and the ones we need to get rid of. We’ll see if that is the motivation to start because we have so much clutter right now. I’m hoping that when we buy a home, it will mean we won’t bring the clutter over there.

  4. Sarah

    “Decluttering at the Speed of Life” by Dana K. White is an excellent book on this topic. She also advocates not selling – as that slows down the process.

    • For me, the biggest eye opener has been how much *good* I can do by not selling everything. I think it first dawned on me when I was thinking about all the clothes we had to buy my son…and a huge pile of hand-me-downs showed up. It makes a huge difference!

  5. Finding the right motivation and it being completely worth it resonate with me. After my wife and I really got our butts into gear we found the rewards of de-cluttering included much more head space. There is just so much headache that comes along with clutter. Nice read!

  6. Ugh it’s so hard for me to part with stuff that I know I could sell…. Which is why I’ve had five pantsuits that don’t fit sitting in my living room. For the past four months. It’s insane how much I’ll hold on to stuff even if it inconveniences me, for the sake of MAYBE making a buck.

  7. Re: not wanting to create more trash. This is, hands down, the biggest mental block I have when it comes to decluttering. I have struggled with this a LOT, especially over the last year, and am only starting to realize exactly what you said – that some things just need to go in the trash, that the past is what it is, and that the focus should be more on doing better in the future. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Decluttering was also a huge start to our eBay side hustle. I agree with finding the right motivation though. We had a very hard time getting started but once we did it wasn’t as hard as we thought.

    • I did really well on Poshmark, too! We made a few thousand dollars, but for me, it slowed me down way too much. When I finally gave myself permission to stop chasing the few dollars here and there, I was able to pull 50 more things off hangers. That’s the win I needed!

      I’m really happy that selling works for you, though, Jeff!

  9. Tre

    #3 for me! I feel like I have to try and sell everything, but really some of it should go as a donation or freecycle. Right now my biggest challenge is what to do with all the children’s books. I know we don’t need them anymore, but we have so many memories of reading together.

  10. I’m very good at decluttering but constantly need to remind myself of #3. I have a whole section of my house dedicated to “sell this” or “listed waiting to be bought.” If I lowered prices and reminded myself enough that those things just need to leave my home, I think it would happen even quicker!


    • It does happen quicker. I still get a pang of “oh, maybe I should have tried to sell that!”, but honestly, our lives our too busy now to have clutter. My son attracts enough “stuff” 😉

  11. Hehe, no I don’t have an OXO egg slicer. My friend has a pineapple slicer/ corer though! Sounds like you’re doing a great job parting with things that don’t bring you joy.

    I’m in the process of getting rid of 365 things again and it’s a little more difficult this time around.

    • I think you would pass out if you came to my house. I’m pretty sure I can hit 365 in a quarter. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I’m definitely a work in progress, and I’m soaking up all the inspiration from you and others that I can!

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