1. “That means that my end goal needs to align with my purpose, not replicate something I saw on social media.

    It’s fine to pull inspiration from the Internet, but stay in the driver’s seat.”

    Yes, Penny. Thank you for this reminder.

    • I used to find myself getting so mad that I wasn’t decluttering correctly. Then, it hit me. As long as I’m making room for things I value (and giving myself back some of the time I spend looking for things!), I’m doing just fine.

      Curses, Instagram! Curses!

  2. Don’t worry Penny, you’re minimalist card is safe! I love that you took a break this month. I often notice I declutter and re-organize in spurts too. Like last night when I decided that 10pm would be the perfect time to start decluttering my bathroom cabinet (no regrets though, it is a mason jar paradise now). In my own life, I’ve found that I tend to live with things for far too long. So by the time I get around to decluttering them, I’m so over them.

    I think part of that is because the whole process does give me anxiety. Like figuring out where stuff should go, how to recycle old things, etc. So I actually try to avoid the process for as long as possible until it becomes unavoidable (lol).

    • YES! That last paragraph is entirely it. It isn’t even just preparing to get rid of things. It’s making sure that I’m being as responsible as I can be when I do get rid of them.

      It’s… a lot!

      • JN

        This!!! Being super conscientious about where the items will go DEFINITELY slows me down and wears me out fast! It’s not the letting go (except for sentimental items), it’s choosing the “right” way to get rid of an item. Someone NEEDS an item I have? You got it! The recycling center takes this? YES! But some items trip me up… Our old dryer that still runs (and has been replaced), and just needs a minor repair is cluttering up my foyer right now because I wouldn’t let Lowe’s just take it away (where, I am assuming it would wind up in a landfill). I will either sell it, give it away, or donate to Habitat, if they want it. In the meantime, it’s clutter. I drive my husband crazy, because he can’t understand why I can’t just throw things away. Sure, my life would be easier, but my conscience would be riddled with guilt. Guilt is a form of clutter, too.

  3. I know of at least one reader who wouldn’t hate you for roasting Thoreau…

    But seriously— good for you for doing what you needed to do this past month and listening to yourself. That can be hard to do.

    Loved the post!!

  4. Micah

    Yes! We stopped too. Just ran out of time. Butb we aren’t in a hurry, we don’t accumulate things anymore and we are still looking for time to do it.

  5. I definitely get persuaded by posts and photos that I should be decluttering. I somehow never get around to it though. Which I’m actually a little glad about because one or two shirts that I was initially going to give away have landed back into the rotation of being worn. I might have missed them if I’d gone with my initial impulse.

    But yeah a lot of the work of decluttering for me is letting go of memories. Stuff that I have no use for (cough cough prom princess sash cough cough) feels weird to let go. I figure at some point I’ll feel less attached to them and I can get rid of them at that point. Until then, I’ll live with the clutter.

    • You’re definitely onto something here. I am currently trying to confront a yearbook situation, and I’m just not entirely sure what to do with about it. Not only do I still have my yearbooks from school, I have 6 from the first six years of my teaching career. I don’t look through them because I have a box of notes and cards that gets my fairly regular attention. But throwing them out feels…off.

  6. KaLynn

    I really love this post because as someone who started a “whole house organization” project over a year ago I needed to read this. There is definitely an ebb and flow to decluttering and organizing and it’s so hard not to judge the progress (or lack thereof). I appreciated all of the points you made! Some items are so easy to make a judgement on and others I just keep coming back to.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad it’s not just me! I hope more people will continue to talk about the pauses in the process!

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