1. I think that decluttering my kitchen has to be my favorite thing ever. It’s the one room where I notice an immediate improvement just because I can function so much better hah. I know you think you failed, but sounds like you did great in my book! Just starting is something to be proud of 🙂 Plus that drawer looks awesomely clutter-free now!

    • It is pretty, isn’t it? 🙂 I still get excited when I open the empty cabinet or the empty drawer. When we moved in, I thought I’d be so upset having a house without a pantry. Turns out, we don’t even use all our cabinets if I’m more purposeful with what I allow in my house.

  2. I definitely need to tackle the kitchen. I’ve been focusing on closets, bedrooms and our home office, but the kitchen is full of junk and storage containers without lids (plus lids without storage containers). I think we’re overdue for a food inventory too. Great job on the food budget and it sounds like a great job on the decluttering as well, even if it’s still in progress.

  3. Quit Work for Life

    I’ve done a big de-clutter of the bedroom and kitchen in the last year, but I am guilty of somehow acquiring enough crap to make it feel cluttered again!
    For every item you bring in, one has to go out!

    • Yes! Right there with you. The biggest area of clutter is my closet(s). So I try to do 3+ out for every one item that comes in. Really, I haven’t shopped to do anything other than replace in so long, it feels like I might be turning a corner.

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