1. This is a great list! I, too, was a shopper in the past – boredom, stress, and anxiety all sent me to the mall to spend money I didn’t have. Like you, I’ve unsubscribed from those emails, and I throw the sale flyers in the recycling the minute they come in the mail. “Lead us not into temptation,” I always say 😉

    My plan for today is to catch up on laundry, visit my mother-in-law (who lives close by), and cook an awesome bbq with items from the freezer/pantry. Oh, and write my next blog post which is about… building my savings account!

    Happy Labor Day!

  2. So what you’re saying is that you have nothing planned 🙂 We are less focused in the Oldster house. I’m teaching my daughter to drive and this is a good “extra” day for that. And the north 40 won’t mow itself, so there’s that. Add to that hot and humid weather and that, and some reading, are probably all I’ll get to today. But there’s always tomorrow, unless there’s not, in which case I probably won’t care what I did today.

    • Oh, the humidity. What is even happening?! I take back everything I said about dry heat not making a difference. Melting. I need to add that to the list! I am melting!

  3. When I’m feeling really tempted to buy something I don’t actually need, I order books from my library. New things for me without 1) paying any money or 2) bringing more things into my already full apartment. Win-win!

    (Except when I forget to return the books and pay fines. But it’s still cheaper than buying things, and it feels a bit like charitable giving.)

  4. I’m with you on continuing with the decluttering journey. I just got rid of prolly 30 reusable bags and 10 books. Took a car load of stuff to be donated on Saturday and am already ready to return with another car load. I also am a firm believer on decluttering the inbox too. I have mostly done away with the nonsense, but somehow got put on a list that they didn’t have an unsubscribe button. I legit wrote them an email telling them I want out, it was glorious. Have a great day Penny!

    • I do this also, Mrs. Wow! I thought that it was a requirement to have an unsub button or link or option now. Hmm. I need to be more mindful of when I email to see if the future emails actually stop.

  5. I just wrote about this (http://agaishanlife.com/2018/08/the-ways-i-avoid-spending/)! 🙂

    But I still have to remind myself not to go crazy and buy JB all the educational toys to overcompensate for my anxieties about providing enough educational support. I just spotted a jigsaw puzzle I bought for zir for a plane toy months ago just sitting in the toy basket. It’s a good reminder that what I think will be intriguing or engaging is just a wish and a miss half the time. Meanwhile ze is STILL engrossed with those cheap plastic toys given out in the birthday gift bags. Go figure.

    I’m working today, for a while, while they have a Daddy + Kiddo adventure at a museum and then I’ll try to tackle some decluttering or just rest because it’s apparently the season of the plague again.

    • I am so glad that you included this link. Thank you, friend. It is hard to ignore educational toys, right? Because they are important. But I have to keep telling myself to breathe deeply and remember that we will either get them handed down or I can probably find them used.

      Or let HP enjoy what he currently has before adding to the pile!

  6. Two main things:
    1. If there’s something specific I want but don’t need, I put it on my amazon wishlist so my in-laws can get it for me at Christmas.
    2. If I just feel like spending money because I want to feel like I have money, I now either donate to a local political candidate or I hit up donors choose. I’m also trying to make giving a monthly habit each time I get a paycheck. (Though I won’t be getting my first paycheck for the year until October, we can still donate on just DH’s paycheck.) Nothing makes a person feel wealthy like giving money away to a good cause.

  7. All of the things you’re doing today are way better than anything I’d be able to contribute!

    It’s so funny though to read that you’re inbox has been full of labour day sales. I had totally forgotten about that part of the holiday because I am subscribed to so few marketing lists anymore that I didn’t get any emails about sales. (Ok, so I did get an email for a sale for the meditation app I use. But other than that, it’s been crickets.).

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