1. Oh I’m a little jealous! We have three days of school left and I have mountains of testing and paperwork. But it’s three days! 🙂

    Good for you for taking time off and not teaching summer school! I’ll be taking a graduate course (or two) and freelancing (and moving!!!) but other than that, I’m spending this summer getting unpacked and trying to get the lay of the land in our new place. Getting excited about exploring our local trails but we’ll have to see how much we’re able to do outside in NC summers.

    Enjoy your first week off!!

    • I am so excited for your summer, Laurie! It sounds like it will be full of adventures. I have one more graduate course to finish, and I cannot wait! I love school, but I’m really looking forward to being done.

  2. How hard is it to not think about that “lost revenue” but revel in that “gained time?” I am doing some of that and thinking about all the work I can add in the fall to make up for taking off the month of July. I am getting better at eating the food that I buy and not doing as much takeout. I’m thinking of how I can reduce expenses. And, one other money move I’m making is investing in myself and current obsessions (language learning and traveling).

    • Amanda, hi! I’m so glad that you are continuing to invest in yourself. Hooray for language and travel! I am so inspired by how passionate you are about both. Have a lovely summer!

  3. Jover

    I finally set up a business checking account and am weaning myself off of co-mingled personal and business finances. Not yet to the point of paying myself, but it’s cool to be able to pay my car insurance with the money the car has brought in for me.
    I’m also trying to get outdoors more (hard to do in summer when it’s 90° and/or thunderstorming here) but I went for a 6.3 mile walk on the beach yesterday morning! Other people have to spend thousands to get some time away on the beach, while it’s just a half hour drive and a few bucks in gas for me… I have to remind myself to take advantage of that fact.

  4. Love the point about kayaking. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how so many people feel the need to invest financially in multiple hobbies. That can obviously become expensive so quickly. Hobbies are great, but there is no way I could do all the hobbies I wanted. Instead, I choose one or two to invest in and really commit to!

    • Yes! It’s one thing to try them out. It’s something entirely to buy all of the gear. Where do people put everything? I suppose that’s why no one in my neighborhood has space to park in their garages. 🙂

  5. The Oldsters are moving from Main Street where our lot is 0.10 acres to a 3.5 acre mini-homestead (small enough to easily walk the property, large enough to need a lawn tractor). So our money moves this Summer are going to be focused on getting the most out of Oldster Acres.

    Sounds like your plans are challenging, but very doable. Good luck, Penny and enjoy your Summer.

  6. Sounds like a great summer to come. I’m planning to use what I have by hanging out at the pool (I pay for it in HOA dues whether I use it or not). It’s a great way to relax and to meet and chat with the neighbors. I also plan to do more walking outside and make use of my town’s parks.

    Our big money move is that we are making the final payment on our car (and what I swear is our final car payment ever…next car will be used and paid with cash). Now that monthly amount can go toward savings–there’s some work we’d like to do around the house–or toward prepaying the mortgage.

  7. I’m got into the Acorns bandwagon last week. I opened an account and literally investing my spare change on there and see how much I will get. Right now I’m putting in around $10 a month and see what it will get me.

    • It looks like it is starting to become more active here! I am actually going to try getting rid of a few things that way this week. Thanks for the tip!

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