Why I’m Still Making Time to Side Hustle

“Wait. You’re still writing?” You might think that’s in reaction to people learning that The Little Blog That Could is still chugging away. But the truth is, very few people in my real life know that I blog. And only one person–my husband–knows the name of it. That’s actually the comment I get from people … [Read more…]

Why I Stopped Hoping for Snow Days

I can still remember my first snow day. It was actually a cold day, as temperatures dipped below -30 degrees Fahrenheit with the windchill. The shrill of the telephone cut into my dreams. Rubbing my eyes, I padded out of my room and into my parents’ bedroom. I squinted as my dad nodded into the … [Read more…]

Facing Financial Unknowns with Excitement

Question Mark on Yellow Background

As someone who is anxious, cautious, and risk averse, it probably surprises you to see the title of this post. Penny? Excited about unknowns? Not the Penny we know. The only thing that Penny faces the unknown with is a bottle of Tums. And maybe just a little too much chocolate. Our Penny makes lists … [Read more…]